Apr 6, 2022
"Grass is a bit long and a huge branch guarding #5 basket. Very windy course, really challenging on some of the linger holes"
Mar 26, 2022
"Fun course! VERY difficult to get PAR on several holes. Between the wind, uphills and long distances at least three holes would be more realistic to be PAR 4. (4,6,& 7). It’s also not clear if the un-used streets for the former housing should be considered OB. "
Aug 3, 2021
"Do not venture into the jungle if you happen to lose a disc there. I got bit by a dozen hornets…. Very difficult in the wind"
Jun 20, 2021
"Excellent course. Going into it I didn’t think a 9 hole on a military base would be very good, but it had a good mix of distance and technical. No tee boxes but most holes were on asphalt. Definitely have to work for the birdies. Chains were great, looked a little rusty but also looks like they were galvanized. Each hole was also labeled well. Someone has definitely put in time/effort to make this course great. Hopefully this can get turned into 18, looks like there’s room for it."
May 25, 2021
"Awesome course always well maintained good course for lefty's and rightys I go about once a week so this course is enjoyed by me "
Mar 21, 2021
"Exceeded my expectations very well signed and layeout course. Multiple holes over 400’ and MachX baskets. Air Force did it right"