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Before You Go
Restricted Hours
Follow City rules about night use.
Limited Access
Public park. Follow city regulations and hours of access.
Object Course
Various Objects - Trees, No Sledding Signs, Electrical Boxes.
Good Conditions
About the Course
Parking at Ben Franklin Place. This is a busy mixed use park and some walking paths are very close to the fairways. Never throw over paths, or around blind corners, without using a spotter. Paths are ob. Hole 1 Start in the tunnel of trees. You are trying to go left of the big evergreen at the end of the tunnel. The target is the big tree to the right. Hole 2 Walk into the field. The target is the green box. You should see it. Hole 3 Start near the box . You are aiming up at the hill where some smaller trees are growing. Aim at those trees. The target is just over that hill. Target is a big green box. Water hazard just beyond the box. Hole 4 Start near the box. You are aiming around the corner to the left. Make sure the way is clear. Target is a metal sign near a circle of rocks. Hole 5 Start in the rock circle. You are aiming to the right of the water. Target is the biggest tree that's inside the wall of trees. A bit to the right near evergreens. Hole 6 You should see two trees that are close to one another in the distance from the tee. Aim at those and hook right or aim down the tunnel and hook left. Target is the further huge ash tree. Hole 7 Align yourself with the tunnel. Trees to your left soccer field on your right. The target is a metal sign on top of a hill across the soccer field (shielded by a row of trees) soccer field is ob. Hole 8 Cross the path and walk into the field. Target is the big tree just to the right of the tall part of the ball diamond fence. Hole may have to be skipped if the ball diamond is in use Hole 9 Start to the left of the big chain link fence . The target a metal sign on top of the hill just to your right. Hole 10 Start on top of the hill near the metal sign. There is an opening in the trees. There is a big ugly tree right in the way in the middle of the field. Target is medium tree furthest to the right before the path Hole 11 Cross the path and go into the field. Target is a split V tree over the giant hole and up the hill. (Bonus game.. soot from just past the v tree at the wooden board sticking out of the ground. Closest to the pin wins)
11 Holes
grass Tees
Various Objects - Trees, No Sledding Signs, Electrical Boxes. Targets
Mixed Use, Public Park
Established 2016

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Players usually spend 0.5 - 1.5 hours here.

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Aug 2, 2022
"Pretty good for a course with no baskets. Lots of obstacles and OB to avoid. Would definitely try again!"
Oct 10, 2020
"Grass is mowed. Sun was out. Try it out! Lost my yellow firebird on the right of hole 5. "


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