Course Map
Hole E5
5 red eagle.
Hole E6
Hole E7
7 red eagle.
Hole E8
8 red eagle.
Hole E9
9 red eagle. view from basket.
Hole E11
Hole E12
12 red eagle.
Hole E14
Bridge on Eagle course
Hole E16
Hole 16
Hole E17
Hole L2
Hole L3
Hole L5
Over grown grass into the bottom of the basket on Lion hole #5
Hole L6
6 red lion.
Hole L8
8 red lion.
8 blue lion.
Hole L9
9 red lion.
Hole L10
10 red lion.
Hole L11
11 red lion.
Hole L14
14 red lion.
Course Map