May 19, 2023
"Like others have said, short, beautiful and definitely still a work in progress! The scenery is amazing, but course maintenance remains a struggle, without stable footing or clear fairways. Definitely a great unique course and highly recommended if you enjoy adventure and nature! The owner is also very friendly and will help guide you if you need to play, it would be pretty impossible to do without him. "
May 17, 2023
"A little bit rough around the edges but definitely worth a visit! Quite short but technical course! Had a good time!"
May 14, 2023
"Awesome course! If in Portugal a must to play! Took a 1 hr 46 min bus ride to Sao Luis from Lagos and would do it again! Course has several terrain changes and a lot of technical shots are needed. Nice and challenging. Big Kudos to Dave Robinson for the hard work he has done in getting course design down. Getting the course ready for Portugal Open in Mid September. Recommend that if you have any extra discs that you can donate bring with you so you can help Dave with getting local people involve"
May 8, 2023
"Great Project and so much work Dave put in to make this possible. Course is still rough but a lot of fun. Reach out to Dave if you are in the area. Thanks for playing with us!"
Apr 20, 2023
"beautiful nature, very varied course! The builder Dave is super friendly….he lent us discs and played with us. Our favourite Course😍"
Apr 10, 2023
"Incredible potential on this property! Challenging when solo, would recommend to walk the course before playing:) "
Apr 7, 2023
"Awesome to see this course budding in Alentejo. Great work."
Mar 26, 2023
"This is a great course with nice technical holes. If you are in the area, make sure to call Dave and play a round on this course. Best course in Portugal."
Mar 4, 2023
"Good course. Still working but great lines. Can't wait to come back when more established. Dave was great with showing the baskets and some of the history of the course and area."
Mar 1, 2023
"Great to have a 18 hole course in Portugal! First of many, I Hope. The course is still a bit sketchy, as it’s still brand new, but I liked most of the holes. We misplayed a couple holes because it’s hard to find some of the tees and baskets (hole 3 and hole 7 white tee for example). Could have done one longer par 3 in the open. Wear long pants since there are thorn bushes around. Also found one tick afterwards, so check yourself. "
Feb 27, 2023
"Course is a bit rough, but what can you expect! It's brand new, volunteers work too improve it often. No tees yet, but it's obvious how much time and effort had gone in already and is going too in the future. Multiple clever lines, beautiful land among the Cork trees. Really enjoyed playing with Dave, best of luck, keep up the great work!"
Mar 9, 2023
"New course. Baskets are new and good, everything else is still in progress. On tees, there are only markings and sometimes you have to throw standstill. Terrain is rough and needs lots of cleaning. We used spotters all the time. Without app I don't think it's possible to find some teesings. I wont rate it, because course is new and still needs some work. Hopefully it gets great with some time. "
May 24, 2023
"First 18-hole course in Portugal! Still has rough tees and signage but all of it will be improved soon. It is developing quickly with the help of a solely volunteer effort. Tight tunnels through cork trees, pine and eucalyptus. A few open holes and overall the elevation changes make for a fun and challenging course. "