Jul 2, 2022
"First course ever “played”. River hazard on #4 took my orange Leopard Driver. #3 & #5 share the same cage. Had a decent time of it!"
Jun 27, 2022
"Looking for a Latitude 64 Ballista Fairway Driver. Should have my contact info on it. Lost on the dreaded hole 4 but 100% it didn't hit the river."
May 13, 2022
"Shots 3 and 5 are on the same pin making a ton of players difficult, but with the size of the park it’s unlikely to be an issue. There is a fast creek/small river off shots 3 and 4. Overall fun and would shoot again if in the area. Wouldn’t drive out of my way to play. "
Aug 28, 2021
"Cute course. Nice for a small town."
Jun 15, 2021
"Not gonna get a disc back from the prairie creek! It’s beginner friendly except for 4 (especially on a windy day) also the wooden utility line pole on #3s fairway will kick your disc into the creek if you suck like me "
May 24, 2021
"Fun course for someone who just wants to get in a few holes after work, the trains on the adjacent main line add a nice bit of ambiance"
Sep 1, 2019
"This is excellent for kids and really new players, or to test a new disc, grip, throw etc. For anybody else I would rate it a 3, because it offers very little to an experienced player, or anybody that has any distance. Pluses: well maintained, short confidence building par threes, no REAL chance of losing a disc, except a vey errant sidearm or turnover on hole 4 could go in the creek. My little brother managed it twice. Minuses: really short, hole 3 and 5 are a sheared basket, only 6 holes."
Jun 3, 2019
"Extremely short course. Adept players should be able to Par 2 (or Hole in 1) the entire thing, but would likely be fun for beginners minus the creek water hazard."