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This course is designed for professional players with a driving distance of 120m (400 feet). To play, you must download and follow the instructions of the following document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/105k1VTYPix9qlH7zqSE9Y2Eso7Glw9k5/view Note: Obviously this course is open to all players; it is an opportunity to experience how insane pro can throw so far and manage to score pars and birdies. Check courses map for other layouts in the park: they have been created as separate courses as the system is not designed to handle several completely different active layouts on the same piece of land. The course is an object-to-object course: • A course is an area divided into multiple segments. • A segment is a land area with a tee-off object where players start, and a target object which the players try to reach with their disc. • Objects are trees and structures of the course. • Tee-off object: When playing a segment, players must start near the tee-off object. During the first throw, all points of contact with the ground must be with-in 2m of the base (or skirt) of the tee-off object (note: your run-up may start outside the area). • Target object: when playing a segment, the goal of each player is to reach the target object with the fewest number of throws. Generally, the target is reached when the disc touches the target object; however, various types of objects have different/additional rules: • Trees: the target is reached when the disc touches the trunk; touching branches and leaves does not count. However, there are 2 special cases: • Skirt: some trees (generally smaller ones) have a skirt at their base; the course description specifies if an object has a skirt or not. A skirt is a small area around the base where the ground is different (usually devoid of grass). If a disc remains in contact with a skirt, then the target has been reached. • Low branches: if a disc remains in contact with a low branch (1.5m (5 feet) or less from the ground), then the target has been reached. • Metal plates, stumps, and rocks: the target is reached only when the disc remains in contact with the object. • Download layout descriptions for additional rules. Reverse direction: one advantage of an object-to-object course is that players can play the course in the reverse direction. Start at the last segment, finish with the first; all target objects now are tee-off objects, and all original tee-off objects are now the target objects. • The course is in a public park; be mindful of other users and fauna. • Be mindful of surrounding private properties. • Some target objects are not always visible; use spotters and helpers when needed. • The bike path (and everything west of it), streets and all private properties are out-of-bounds. • The course starts south of Donald street.
9 Holes
Grass Tees
Tree Targets
Mixed Use, Public Park
Established 2022
Dogs Allowed
Not Cart Friendly
No Drinking Water Available
No Restroom Available

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