Mar 22, 2023
"Great course, better people. "
Jan 5, 2023
"Nice little but challinging 9 holes course at the beautiful surrounding of the countryside of Siem Reap. A lot of dense bushes and palm trees guardig the smal gabs you have to hit. For big arms often times you have the opportunity to go over everything. Really nice community is located in Siem Reap. I had a lot of fun with you guys. There is also a Bar with good and drinks - perfect. And they offer accomodations via Airbnb."
Nov 25, 2022
"Super unique experience and story behind this course. Growing the sport into Cambodia! Came 7am on my last day after exploring the temples. They setup the baskets for me, a few locals played. Local children helped recover discs in the water. I bought 2 discs since the stamp is super dope. It was a 20min tuktuk (3$) from pub street main area. The last 1km is dirt road that can be wet and bumpy. I wouldn't suggest riding a bike/scooter yourself unless you're very comfortable on one. "
Jul 6, 2022
"Super fun course, definitely not what we’re used to in the Pacific North West. Super friendly club guys "
Dec 4, 2022
"Lots of fun. Challenging but not too crazy. Excited to get some good scores. I made it in the style I came from, which is Kensington Michigan. "