Dec 6, 2022
"Short tees, play alongside regular golfers, gofer holes, and a whole area of small animal slat around hole 6 basket. Definitely not worth paying a $7 fee for use. "
Dec 2, 2022
"All open shots, nice distance, a few birdie chances but mostly pars that you’ll be mad about bogeying."
Nov 4, 2022
"Can't believe this is rated 4.0 on UDisc. I feel sorry for the disc golfers that think this a good course. Nothing special."
Oct 30, 2022
"Update: Now that I know this course, it’s my go-to spot. There’s nowhere else like it in LA... and not just for disc golf. Being here always puts me in a happy mood. Original: Wow. Really well kept. Half star off for lack of signage. It’s bit tough to figure out the layout but a local to the course helped out. Unique course that allows you the opportunity to use the golf nets for some really fun shots. "
Aug 29, 2022
"Joint with golf course and has a course fee. Other than that nice, well kept course that does show respect for all types of golfers"
Mar 31, 2022
"Nice distance throws and beautiful grass course. Golfers were nice but slow"
Jan 2, 2022
"Fun easy course! But it can get pretty crowded with all the golfers and disc golfers who share the small course area. "
Sep 30, 2021
"Fun course, looks great. Waiting for slow golfers to take multiple practice shots is kind of a pain but what are you gonna do?"
Sep 28, 2021
"My first ball golf course. It’s a pleasant place to be. Some holes are harder than they first look because of low-hanging trees along the fairways. Yes the signage could be better and UDisc isn’t 100% accurate. If you’re not sure where to throw, just pick a basket near the green, then when you do the back 9 you’ll be able to tell what you need to do different that time. Switch your scores around if you threw to the wrong spot the first time. Ball golfers were courteous in letting me play throigh"
Jun 9, 2021
"Its a nice little course and can be really good with a few tweaks. Zero signage for disc golfers make it hard to understand which baskets to aim for, as well as, Udisc was great in locating teepads but a majority of the baskets were moved to new locations so its a guessing game on 3/9 holes. $$ isn’t egregious for the fact its a ball golf course. Glad I got to play it but wont play it again while I’m in town. The pictures make the course look so much better than what it is. "
Jun 3, 2021
"Would be nice to have marked tee pads with signs or flags on the pins. But I otherwise a very clean well kept course. Very green and shady and the cafe is delicious!"
May 22, 2021
"Beautiful, plenty of big drives if you want ‘em, but the UDisc is pretty inaccurate. Probably worth trying to go with locals if you can so they can explain which baskets are in play when."
Mar 24, 2021
"Played this course today for the first time. I used to play golf here back in the day and never knew they had a disc golf course too. It is beautiful and fun. Ran into a local that explained how to play the alternative cages for the back nine and it is pretty awesome. I’m definitely making this a regular weekly play though for sure. "
Mar 5, 2021
"Well maintained, clear baskets. A little small with a lot of traditional golfer traffic, but so convenient and has a good on site restaurant for burgers afterwards."
Feb 10, 2021
"Please don’t close down!!!"
Oct 6, 2020
"Well maintained and a good spot especially on the hotter days with all of the trees. Some of the holes are longer than expected so get ready to launch the plastic! Most of the wannabe country clubbers are ok with letting you jump ahead of you but look out for slowdowns in the late afternoons with kids taking 10 putts!"
Jun 17, 2020
"Very well kept course. Mostly clear lines, but a variety of shots required. Potential to get stuck behind golfers if you’re playing by yourself. Front 9 plays from the golf tees to the obvious baskets. “Back 9” is the same course from different pads or to different baskets. Some baskets overlap; 11 & 18 throw from the same pad in opposite directions. Golf balls aplenty to throw at any discs stuck in trees."
Aug 12, 2019
"$7.00 surprise but beautiful"
Mar 14, 2019
"Plays on a 9 hole par 3 golf course, each basket is just off the side of the green , no map, no tee signs, grass is nice and people are friendly "
Feb 3, 2019
"Clean, green practice machine. Could circle this course again and again and again. Nothing mind-blowing, just solid, fun ball golf course golf."