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How do I join a league?
  1. Install the free UDisc app if you don't have it already and create an account on the profile tab.
  2. Tap on the More tab in the app and select 'Markman League'.
  3. Find your league by tapping on the map or your state/country below the map and then hit the 'Join this League' button.
Do I need to have a paid UDisc Pro Account?
No - you can install the app for freefrom are free and you do not need a current subscription to use the Marksman features.
Is the UDisc App Required?
No - you can keep score on paper and a league administrator can enter scores on the website. If you want to link to an account later create a free UDisc account and join the league in the app and ask an admin to merge your old scores to your account.
How do I change my photo?
Photos come from your UDisc Account - you need a free account with the UDisc app and you can edit on the profile tab.
How do I change my name?
Click on your username in the upper right and then tap on your name to edit.
Can I change the rules/points or use for my own league?
We only support the official Dynamic Discs Marksman League format. Having all leagues play the same format makes comparisons easy.
Other Questions?
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League Directors
Access the admin page by tapping the Gear Icon () in the upper right next to your name.
Updating your league message
Tap on the message and you can set a message for all league members. Include location information and times, shout outs to the winners, or whatever you'd like.
Marksman leagues run for 6 weeks and you should set a date for each one by clicking where it says 'set date' and choosing the day.

To start Week 1 is set as active. When a week is Active then new scorecards can be created. When finished then hit the 'Complete' button to finalize the scores and update the standings.

Just before the next week begins set it to 'Active' by hitting the button. This will allow all league members to create scorecards for the new week.
Entering scores for members without the UDisc app
For anyone in your league that does not keep score with the app, you can enter their scores manually on the admin page.

If they have participated previously you'll see their name in the list at the top of the admin page and you can click 'Create Scorecard' (make sure you have a week set to active and not complete). If they are new to the league enter their name and click the 'Add Member and Create Scorecard' button.

Type in the player's made putts for each station and for each round (from 0 to 5). The points will automatically calculate.
Merging a player that creates an account later
If a player signs up with an account and has scores entered manually from previous weeks, you can merge the scorecards. Near the bottom of the admin page, find the manually created member and use the 'Merge' button for their row to attach their old scores to the new UDisc account.
Adding multiple admins
If you won't be able to attend one week or would like help with entering scores or admintering the league you can add more admins. Only players that have UDisc accounts are elgible.
Viewing from a computer
You can access admin features by logging in from
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