Island View Park by 7th hole.
Island View Park by 7th hole.Course photoCourse photoScreenshot of the course.
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Before you go
Restricted hours
Park is closed from 12am to 5am daily. But because of vandalism, it is possible the park closes at dusk. And the restrooms might be closed at 5 every night. Not 100% on this, but a "just in case" this is the situation.
Fair conditions
1 day ago
About the course
Thank you for choosing to throw at Island View Park. If this is your first time ever throwing, welcome & please be sure to read the rules & regulations in the UDisc App before you start throwing. As a group, we need to keep our surroundings in mind & be mindful of those who are using the park along with us. Others using the walking path that entertwines with the course, the pavilion reservations, practices, even the basketball court by basket #5. Please do not throw when others are in the way of you making your basket. PARK DETAILS: *Due to vandalism, the park's restrooms are being closed at night. If the time is the same as before 5pm is when the restrooms will be locked. There are 2 gas stations a little ways from the park that we can probably use. * This is a dog friendly park, but they must be leashed! In Davis Couty there is lease laws. So please abide by that. And please CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG! No need to bring your dog(s) if you cannot clean up after them. *There is no smoking in the park, the Clean Air Act. 🚭. Please abid by the laws of the clean air act. If you need, you are welcome to go to the curbs, the park's parking lot or to the sidewalks that are not in park. *Drinking water & ability to refill bottles are available. Look for the green fountain by the pavilion. Let the water run a little, to get the colder water to come out, before you drink or fill your bottle up. *You pack it in, you pack it out. Help keep the course clean by packing out the trash you packed in. There are now 3 garbage cans available. 2 are on the west & east ends of the pavilion & 1 is by the basketball court. *Park is closed at dusk instead of midnight due to the vandalism. But I was told by one of the ground keepers of the park that he does not mind us throwing at night. He feels it will deter the neighborhood kids from continuing to vandalize. And he doesn't believe the cops will bother anyone who is throwing. *Sprinklers come on around 9 or 10ish pm, depending on the day. *Also, for emergencies, PLEASE call 911 & for NON EMERGENCY # in Clearfield is: (801) 525-2806. COURSE DETAILS: If you have never been here before, the "Smart Layout" has all of the tees & baskets in the right locations. It is set up for the first round of 9 holes. *The 18 Hole Course score cards is working & set up to go around the course twice. The Tees & baskets are off for the 2nd time around of the rest of the 9 baskets.. I'm learning how to work this app so please bare with me while I navigate this ship. HOLES: Here is the Tees & Baskets for 18 Hole; *#1 is: #1 & #10 *#2 is: #2 & #11 *#3 is: #3 & #12 *#4 is: #4 & #13 *#5 is: #5 & #14 *#6 is: #6 & #15 *#7 is: #7 & #16 *#8 is: #8 & #17 *#9 is: #9 & #18 *ALL Tee Platforms are backfilled with dirt around the concrete slabs. The Tees are now a little more level to the ground around it. With that said, they get muddy when it rains on after the sprinklers have been on. *The 1st Tee to 1st Basket is on the south west side of the big playground, on the left (North) side of the Pavilion, behind the restrooms. Look for a concrete slab in the grass, next to the walking path. *Baskets are numbered from the left (North) side of the park to the right (South). *#1 is on the North side of the park & #9 is on the South side of the park. *For the Tee's #2 through #4 are on the left side of the treeline, closer to the apartment complex across the street. *Look for concrete slabs in the grass for your Tees. *Follow the tree line east from the 2nd Tee, down to the 4th basket. *At the end of the tree line, by the white vinyl fence. *5th Tee is back behind the small brown storage area that is fenced off, on the east side of the park. Basket #5 is on the north side of the Basketball court. It is a blind throw, please be mindful of others being around. I am thinking of seeing if we can get the basket to #5 moved to a different location to avoid the basketball court all together. *Go around the basketball court to #6 Tee. #6 Basket is through the trees on the south east corner of park. Follow the walking path, that goes into the neighborhood, basket is to the left. *#7 Tee is on that same side of the park, as #6 Basket. It's just to the right (west side) of walking path. Blind throwing to #7 basket, over a small hill. *#8 Tee is up the little hill in the treeline by the house by the church. #8 Basket is in the trees, closer to the church parking lot. *Follow the chain link fence to #9 Tee on the south side of the park, at the 1st corner of the fence around the church. By the church parking lot. For #9 Basket, it's on the south side of the pavilion. Past the 2nd corner of the fence. I hope these details help make your experience at the course enjoyable. Please, again, watch out for others while using this course, please be mindful. Enjoy the course & have fun.
9 Holes
Concrete, Concrete Tees
DISCatcher Pro (original) Targets
Mixed use, Public park
Established 2022
Dogs allowed
Cart friendly
Drinking water available
Restroom available


Disc Rentals available @Clearfield City (city Hall) 1(801)525-2700

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Shot variety/design
Tee areas
Jul 29, 2023
Well manicured, short park course with numerous trees. Fun course.
Jul 9, 2023
Fun short course to practice mid-range and putting.
Jul 28, 2023
Short but obstructed shots, very fun.
Jul 17, 2023
Tee pad for hole 5 is really wierd. It's behind a fenced maintenance shed and the pad doesn't even point toward the basket. Park can also get busy, may have to wait for pedestrians. Other than that, fantastic small course.


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