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As of Sept 12, 2022, the town is working on a project around the wash on Lion Blvd that will affect the course. There may be some of the holes still in place but more than a few will be moved. I would currently use the field for field work but not expect to get a full round in. Please watch your dogs at this point in the summer, not advised or on leash at this point. Foxtails and Rattlesnakes live in this desert and dogs can get into both.
This course is CLOSED until further notice. The city of Springdale is doing construction over much of the course.
About the Course
Park back side of the library and walk to the ball field where the First Tee is from the concrete entrance to the ball field. This is a desert course using erosive ground and elevation to make it interesting and challenging. Good shoes, water, and a hiking stick are recommended. It's September and rattlesnakes are showing up on the course. Awareness to ward off rattlesnakes. It will be very hot. If you are a new player or a cadre of new players, I recommend only playing Holes 1/10 and 2/11 and use the field for field work. And consider there are many good safari holes you can make up, have fun with it. When a player can control their discs, then it is relevant for them to play the more advanced Holes over and around washes and elevation gains. For some it can be frustrating to deal with the consequences of having to hike high and hard after an errant shot. Also, we are fortunate that our course is not overly busy. Unfortunately, this also makes it hard for new players to know the route when it's more common for them to follow other groups around busy courses. The map hanging at the entrance to the ball field shows the original 9 Holes. Take a picture of it and use it. Know the back 9 will be similar. Remember you are working your way up Lion Blvd toward the West Temple using the interesting placements on the property. Each Hole Duo: 1/10, 2/11, 3/12, 4/13, 5/14, 6/15, 7/16, 8/17, 9/18 has a sign. Some Holes use the same teeing area for different baskets, and some use different teeing areas for the same basket. Teeing areas aren't necessarily tee pads poured in concrete. While you can use concrete in some places (Sidewalk entrance: Hole 1, Road: Hole 7,8,16,17), other times you will use the flat ground we have shoveled and raked or the grass at the top of the ball field. Many courses use previously poured sidewalks and at times it's preferred to tee to the side of the tee pad on the grass. Remember the Fastback Disc introduced in 1970? Printed on the Disc is "Invent Games" and we should all be doing this to this day, over 50 years later. While this isn't an easy and obvious golf track, it does ask a seasoned golfer to put together many decent throws to score well. And a new player can play some fun ones and work on learning the sport. The Town of Springdale is constantly growing, and local terrain is always changing due to our geology so Basket placements and Teeing areas are in consideration of both. I will gladly show anyone how the course plays if you text me, 4357725573, mornings are best for me. However, the sunsets are amazing and often you have the place to yourself. Springdale Town Disc Golf Course: Notes for Navigation: Front 9 and Back 9 in the same footprint with some variations of Teeing Area and Pin Position. There are nine signs, one for each Hole Duo, and some are posted in the short and some are posted in the long position. Notice from Hole 1 you are working your way up Lion Blvd toward the West Temple as you progress through the course. Hole 1/10: Entrance to the Ball Field, use the large cement pad outside of first base to Hole 1, Left , short, about 250 feet and Hole 10, High and right. Hole 2/11: Tee top of Right field on the cement pad with the picnic table. Hole 2, long and right about 300 and Hole 11, short and left about 250 feet. Hole 3/12: Tee top of the Field, you will see the sign as you play 2. Use the top of field, grassy area, to tee. Same Basket for both 3/12, tee for 12 thirty feet closer to the hillside obscuring the view of the Basket. Hole 4/13: Just above 3 pin is a cleared natural teeing area. Use the same teeing area for both 4/13. Looking toward the West Temple 4 is up high, while 13 is down low with a giant rock backdrop both about 210 feet. Hole 5/14: The teeing area is between 4 and 13 pins and looking back toward the Watchman. Same natural teeing area with 5, short right and 14 long left about 220 feet. Hole 6/15: Walk back toward the Public Works Building and find 6 natural teeing area with the pin toward the West Temple. Same pin with a long teeing area closer to Fence about 245 feet distance to the pin for 15. Hole 7/16: Use the same Pin Position across the road from 6 pin for both. 7 tees from in front of the Gate of Public Works on the Road. It’s an uphill throw and can be difficult. 16 is short marked by the Sign for the Hole Due and the Green Power Box. Tee on the Road for Good footing. Hole 8/17: Back down and up the road toward the West Temple and tee from the road for 8, short at 220 feet and long and high for 17 toward 9 teeing area. Hole 9/18. Adjacent to 17 pin position is a natural teeing area back down toward the road. 9 is on the right and 18 on the left.
18 Holes
Mixed Use, Public Park
Established 2016
Dogs Allowed
Not Cart Friendly
Drinking Water Available
Restroom Available



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Sep 10, 2022
"Needs more regular maintenance but fun course nonetheless "
Sep 3, 2022
"Rough and rugged course with a pretty cool view. Much smaller layout/area than I anticipated, but it works just fine. The signage is confusing and it could be very difficult to find each tee pad and basket if you don’t use uDisk. Side note: if you’re not from high elevation (like me) you’ll wanna disc-up one speed and throw more understable discs. Crazy how much of difference this makes. "
Aug 23, 2022
"Beautiful yet treacherous course. So worth it though! "
Aug 20, 2022
"Really pretty, people letting their dogs run around on the baseball field blocked holes 1,2,10,11. Kinda hard to find some tee boxes. Holes 9,18 are awesome. Hangout until just after sunset and you’ll probably see some deer on the baseball field"


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