UDisc 2022 Replay
Whoever said it was better to look forward than look back (was that a Taylor Swift line?) clearly wasn't into disc golf. So let's take a couple minutes to bask in the glow of 2022 before making more memories in the coming year.
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2022 Global Stats
Courses added to UDisc
We use UDisc Courses more than Google Maps
Countries with Rounds Scored
That's almost half of the countries on the ol' globe.
August 14
Busiest Day 110,461 Rounds
Sunday Funday!
Total Holes Played
See how long it takes to count that high. We'll wait.
League Rounds Scored
Pickleball's got nothing on disc golf.
Hours Spent Playing
That's like watching the Lord of the Rings Extended trilogy 1.72M times.
Total Aces Thrown
We may or may not count second or third throw aces...
But wait, there's more!
891,354 course ratings
65,851 course photos
2,571,049 cardmates added
1,213 stores listed
2,411 new leagues registered
Thanks for being part of the community!