May 11, 2023
"Best course I've played. Very beautiful property. Absolute Gem of a course. "
Apr 14, 2023
"I would love to give it 4.5 but I spent over 30 minutes looking for next tee pad. Signage is horrible. Even the paper map is not good at all. Could be a great course. First timers plan on extra time looking for tee pads. They also have 476 foot par three. Great for pro but average joes "
Apr 8, 2023
"Nice long open shots, technical short shorts and beautiful scenery. Come out and play, donate to a great cause. "
Jan 21, 2023
"Lol. I wouldnt know. I've driven there twice during hours that their own website said they're Open and the gate was closed. Don't bother going unless you live near it. "
Dec 29, 2022
"This is going to be a nice course once it gets settled in and some grass grows around the new construction. Lots of different kinds of shots that challenge you. The scenery was beautiful, and the concept behind this place is awesome. "
May 9, 2023
"Course needs time to settle, I wouldn’t consider it cart friendly until it does. Redesign is really refreshing and offers some unique shots you usually don’t see locally. Often times there are substantial travels between holes but I thought it was worth it. I’ll be coming back!"
Nov 4, 2022
"New pads, reworked course with some nice long lines. They are working on new signage and when that's done it will be fantastic. "
Oct 22, 2022
"Course is a lot better with the new layout. Course is longer and more difficult than it used to be which is great. If you do play, expect a decent amount of walking. The course is spread out a lot. Overall a great course. "
Oct 15, 2022
"The rough is punishing and it likely won’t ever beat in. Fun course but everyone else on my card disliked it. "
Sep 26, 2022
"Fantastic course. Well managed with great features. And intermediate difficulty course (refreshing distance and shot shaping). Hats off to the folks taking care of the course and grounds. Worth the drive from BG to come down and play a great course."
Sep 20, 2022
"This course is beautiful and the it will just keep getting better since the recent redesign. It is a course that is for more advanced players, not beginners like me (1.5yrs). I give it 5 stars because it’s not the courses fault I can’t throw 300+ and don’t have great shot shaping ability. I played a 38 hole tournament this past weekend and it is LONG! (4.1 miles with the distance from the walk between tees added. As I said before, it was not a good course for me, it was BRUTAL, still 5 stars!!!"
Sep 18, 2022
"Really great layout! Really well maintained and quite a hike if you want to just walk the course. Definitely coming here more!"
Sep 9, 2022
"Another pro caliber course in the area. The lines are well defined and the course plays very fair. Good shots are rewarded with birdie looks and errant throws are punished with tight rough. Great use of the land and a nice mix of long and short holes. Beautiful property and very welcoming owners. I will definitely be back! "
Jun 9, 2022
"I'm from out of state and only played this course once, but it was quite nice. Tee pads are small and uneven, but these holes do not require large run-ups. Signage is clear (but sometimes inaccurately low for distance in particular), many shot shapes are required, and the fairways are cleared well. Some mildly wooded areas mixed with open fields. I would recommend this course!"
Apr 12, 2022
"Cool course, very short"
Apr 10, 2022
"Nice course with elevation. Once they update the tee pads it will be even better. "
Feb 13, 2022
"Why does this course only have available times when everyone is working, then closed in the weekends? That does not improve course play or disc golf community. Best way to improve the course is make it available through the weekend. "
Feb 1, 2022
"This is a fairly new course and will improve with feedback. Some of the distances are inaccurate and a few holes need some trees cleared to open up the throwing lanes. 12 to 13 and 17 to 18 could use more signage."
Jan 8, 2022
"Very well maintained course, nice baskets, upkeep is up to par, only dig on the course is that a couple of the holes are just to silly. Meaning there are no real lines to the baskets off the tee. If designer would clean up a couple fairways it would be a superb course. Overall, very nice for what it is "
Dec 9, 2021
"Fun holes, missing a couple tee signs, nice rubber tee pads but they are only about six feet long, nice baskets, long walks from 17 to 18 and 18 to 1. Pretty narrow roads coming in"
Sep 16, 2022
"To say I’m excited about this course is an understatement. Great use of the land and the new layout and pads are great. Once this gets cleared up more and played more it’ll be one of my favorite courses in the area. People are sleeping on this if they stopped going because of the old rubber pads. "
Oct 1, 2021
"Very neat little course. All of the holes are very reachable and in my opinion, all have birdie potential. The terrain varies, leaving you with up hill and sloping down shots. The fairways are designed to make players throw a variety of shots (backhand and forehand) per round. Great beginners course! "
Feb 22, 2023
"The new redesign offers plenty to challenge and cleaner lines to challenge your ability to control your shots. The front 9 gets you nice and warm for the challenging back 9. Hole 11 will tempt you to throw fast and low but requires precise touch to bag the birdie. Exciting course. Hole 5 is a RHFH specialty. Hole 16 may be eagle-able if you can throw a 500’ RHBH power hyzer. But watch out for the guardians. "
May 5, 2022
"Beautiful course and well kept. Most holes are longer than the signs say so keep that in mind if you can’t see the basket "
Sep 13, 2021
"Extremely fun course for intermediate players. The distances on u disc and the tee signs are horribly wrong on occasion. However, with the unique hole shapes and layout of the course it’s one to keep you very entertained. I’d also say it’s the prettiest course in the Louisville are."
Sep 7, 2021
"Be prepared for some big hills to walk! The course is not stroller friendly. The holes are short but most are really great holes to still play. Others are just way too short and open. Hole 18 does not bring you back to the car at the end of the basket. If there were more signage to continue walking to get to hole 18’s tee pad, that would really help. Overall, the course has HUGE potential for growth. It will be beautiful to play in the fall. Be prepared to walk a ton before getting to each tee. "
Aug 20, 2021
"Challenging course, nice layout. Tee pads aren’t the greatest, but not the worst either. I saw the tee signs, they just need to be installed. Great start on a new course."
Nov 19, 2022
"Redesign has improved the course immensely."
Jul 5, 2021
"It is a very beautiful course! It is a intermediate course! Tee pads can be a little longer and better signs for the holes. Other than that it is a great course. "
Jun 24, 2021
"Good mixture of shots. However, it’s easy to get turned around. There are no in place signs; only paper plate markings. It will be better once the signs are in place. "
Jun 19, 2021
"It is very kind of the charity to have the course open to the public. This is a tight wooded course. The woods are very thick and if your disc goes in it can be hard to find. Most holes you can’t see the basket from the tee and there aren’t maps or signs so it’s very hard to know where you’re throwing to. Beware of ticks "