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1 day ago
About the course
Expanded Par-Layout Options! Alexander Park is mix of open and wooded holes on gently rolling hills. The wind is often swirling in the open fields, while the wooded holes will require some tight gap shots. The pond on Hole 17 presents the biggest chance for a lost disc. The course offers long (Blue) and short (Red) pads on every hole. Holes have 1-3 pin locations, rotated frequently. Parking is available near the dog parks, with a walkway to Hole 1. If you park at the front of the park, you can play Hole 17 first and finish at Hole 16. Hole 10 tee is to the left of Hole 2 tee. The Red (short tee) and Blue (long tee) Layouts use the "posted" Pars. The UDisc app offers two extra "easier & harder" Pars for Red & Blue layouts, by applying PDGA par-guidelines for 3 skill levels: Novice, Regular, and Expert. The Par for each hole may be higher for a Novice and lower for an Expert ... providing optional "hole by hole handicap" so casual players with different skill levels can compete together fairly. Also, it gives a single player meaningful challenges and rewards, by using sensible Pars for their skill level. To select Layout, choose skill-level based on two factors: your typical long accurate level drive distance, and your reliable 2-putt distance ... NOVICE: 120'-200' drives, 2-putt 30'. REGULAR: 220'-300' drives, 2-putt 45'. EXPERT: 320'-400+' drives, 2-putt 60'. PURPLE Pars use RED tees with NOVICE skills. GREEN Pars use RED tees with REGULAR skills. WHITE Pars use BLUE tees with REGULAR skills. GOLD Pars use BLUE tees with EXPERT skills. Purple & Green use the Red tee-to-basket paths. White & Gold use the Blue tee-to-basket paths. The difference is the Pars, not the paths. Total Pars for the six Layouts vary depending on current basket location: Purple=63-67, RED=55-57, Green=54-56; White=59-67, BLUE=55-58, Gold=55-57. The alternate-par calculations take hills, doglegs, foliage, and basket-height into account, as well as the typical accurate drive distance and reliable 2-putt distance (contact Jim Dean for details). No changes were made to original Red & Blue Pars.
18 Holes
Concrete Tees
DISCatcher Pro (original) Targets
Mixed use, Public park
Established 2009
Dogs allowed
Cart friendly
Drinking water available
Restroom available

Contact (James Burgess, Jim Dean)

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Players usually spend 1.5 - 2 hours here.

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Jul 20, 2023
Many a heartbreak has been repaired here. People fly into Atlanta, running from relationships that went bad and sometimes ... you have to get a round in before returning to life. Thata where Alexander Park shines. 💔
Aug 13, 2023
No such thing as a perfect course, but this one comes close. Pretty easy, but super fun. Perfect for beginners and still fun shots for advanced players. Layout is great and upkeep was well kept. Will make the drive back here to play in the future.
Jul 13, 2023
Fun technical course with a little elevation. Nice shade on the back 15 holes. Watch your step. Roots will kill the ankles!
Jul 23, 2023
Great course


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