Jan 17, 2023
"Hole 5 and 7 are marshy, little muddy "
Dec 21, 2022
"My hometown course! Was put in back in 2006 and just recently got updated with a few new baskets. Still needs tee signs buy it is a great little 9 hole course! "
Sep 24, 2022
"Needs a bridge at hole 6. To walk around is a bit silly just to walk around for hole 9 again. Also tees 7 and 9 are too close together"
Aug 6, 2022
"Such a fun course. A beautiful setting and the designers worked some great shot shapes into the set up. i feel like they maximized the use of the space well. Definitely will be playing it more regularly. i find the long grass that we play as ob, quite close to baskets. like several times within 6ft. thats a little tight. Overall excited to have this course available and the safari options are endless!!!"
Apr 21, 2022
"The first 7 were alright, the last 2 are non-existent at the moment due to construction. Just an FYI for everyone! "
Nov 7, 2021
"Pretty nice 9 hole course with some very memorable holes. The main drawbacks for me are the lack of tee pads and the fact that the course starts and ends and very different locations. So to play 9, you need to walk 18"
Sep 21, 2021
"The cross river uphill bucket is really fun to loft "
Sep 17, 2021
"Idk why people are chirping the course… super fun… just no teepads "
Aug 28, 2021
"Very well maintained. A sweet 9 hole course! "
Aug 1, 2021
"All the tee signs exist. Not sure about these previous comments. Hole 5 and 6 are par 3’s so not sure what 2nd part of hole 5 means from previous comments. No teepads but otherwise great little practice course. 6th hole throw over the river then cross the bridge. Hole 6 green and holes 7,8 and 9 are all on the other side of the river"
Jun 22, 2021
"It's a fun track Missing tee signs on 1 and 7. Little overgrown. Most of the tee signs are illegible as well. Grass teepads. First 6 holes are mostly open Park style holes. 6 goes over the creek, then 7 and 8 are wooded. 9 is wide open with only a fence in the way. Course has a lot of potential. A nice haircut and a walkway over the water would make this a solid course. My only real concern with the course is hole 8. You need a spotter or it could be unsafe if pedestrians are coming. "
Jun 19, 2021
"Cross the bridge to get to the 2nd part of #5. No post for start of 6 that I could find so I threw from the edge of the cut grass. Great course to practice on if you just do 3-> 4-> 2 in a loop."