Nov 21, 2022
"All the baskets are there. The smart layout does show the correct basket locations, currently, as well as the old tee-pad locations. Some of the tee posts are still there, just laying on the ground... One of these days this is going to be a sweet little 9-hole, with a little dog-leg mando action and some O.B., it could be a good course. I would love to see all these courses have something for an easy beginner experience as well as something for the more serious players. That would be ideal."
Nov 6, 2022
"Not kept very well at moment."
Aug 14, 2022
"Construction took over the tee boxes, overgrown weeds into some of the baskets. "
May 16, 2022
"No tee box for basket 1, 2, and 4. Course is old and needs a lot of work. "
May 10, 2022
"Starting signs messed up but all holes are here. "
Mar 26, 2022
"Small course > No course, so I’m not gonna knock it for that but feels unplayable in the official sense due to construction. Holes 1/2 are currently demolished and 4/7 have their sign posts knocked down. I’d still play for practice if I was local but not worth traveling to/stopping by if you’re on the road."
Feb 6, 2022
"There are nine baskets currently in play but there is construction happening on holes 1 and 2. I was able to play them anyways but only because no one was working on it. First two holes have a little bit of challenge because of construction obstacles, but most holes are in an open field. The wind coming off the river did make it harder but it is otherwise quite tame. A local did say they have hopes of redesigning it with more challenge and possibly even par fours but there are no solid dates yet"
Aug 2, 2020
"My first ace on hole 4. Very nice high school 9 hole. But 1/2 are under construction currently."
Apr 29, 2020
"Maintenance is not kept up, very beginner course, no tee pads just grass, gravel and a barely visible board my guess is the end of the supposed tee pad on some holes. Tee signs are good and very easy to navigate because you can see every basket from the tee signs. Update hole 1 and 2 are under construction!"
Jul 4, 2018
"Some tees aren’t angle correctly but good course for beginners "