Nov 29, 2021
"Really nice terrain. Could use some signage or arrows for help with navigation."
May 7, 2021
"Enjoyed the track. Very peaceful and quiet out here. Interesting bones strewn around the desert. Buckets are starting to break, 18’s pole and bucket were missing. Aim for the chains to preserve the buckets. Nice work to the crew for flattening the tee pads. "
Jul 31, 2020
"Fun course. The buckets seemed easier targets then most object courses. Very dusty and dirty a few holes were a challenge to find and the layout made for a lot of walking between some holes. A bit out of the way and would of been rough without the app. Be prepared to pack out what ever trash you bring in and bring lots of water if it’s hot. "
May 10, 2020
"Course is super fun! "
May 10, 2020
"This is a top tier renegade course for the area. Excellent mix of short, long, and bomber holes and the variety of backhand/forehand hyzers and anhyzers makes one heck of a layout. There is also a good mix of elevation change and just enough to add difficulty to the course but also not zap your legs. A guide is helpful but as far as renegade courses go this is well marked and there are green stakes to guide you from the bucket to the next tee box. I definitely recommend this course."