Port McNeill, BC, Canada
Mar 5, 2022
"Former golf course turned disc golf. Lots of large open areas for drives, some trees and brush to avoid. Overall upkeep is pretty good and there is regular grass mowing. Baskets are lacking chains, but have a fairly large basin to land in so aim for landing it in. The chains are not great at stopping powerful shots. There are no teepads or markings indicating which hole is where so go by the maps on here as close as you can. Some tougher 3s, and some easy 4s."
Oct 15, 2021
"This course has so much potential! If baskets and proper tee pads/markings were added this would be an amazing little gem of a course. It is beautifully situated over looking the water and the terrain is very well maintained. "
Sep 20, 2021
"It's not much but it's all we got. Wish there were better baskets. "
Aug 28, 2021
"No marked tee’s, and I am definitely not a fan of the “Crab Pot style” baskets, even tonals would serve better, IMO."