Mar 9, 2023
"I wasn't able to get my Udisc maps to load as the internet signal was poor. So I had to find my way by signage. Some where missing and some of the signage posts were loose and they faced the wrong directions. I am not a fan of courses that are shared with hikers and people enjoying the same space as you are throwing discs. The course is well cut and many washrooms along the way. The course doesn't have many trees so it's a place for distance shots."
Mar 11, 2023
"It's a longer course than most, with lots of open par 4 and 5 holes. The middle section is definitely my favorite with more technical wooded shots that allow some easy birdie chances and hard eagle chances with a well placed shot even for slower arms. The nature and scenery is pleasantly diverse so it's hard to have a bad time playing this course."