Oct 10, 2022
"New baskets and hole locations were fun "
Sep 14, 2022
"Challenging course. Very dense bush in play on several holes, spent 45 minutes looking for discs. 9 decrepit baskets and 9 brand new ones. Overall a nice layout for the holes, some very fun ones with elevation. Wouldn’t recommend for beginners. "
Aug 29, 2022
"Challenging course with good use of sloping terrain. With more tlc, it would be a real gem. Rough isn’t as bad as Jackfish. "
Jul 19, 2022
"If possible, better tee markings would be fantastic! But the property is really nice for this course! Great mix of finesse and wide open! Must play if you’re in Saskatchewan "
Jul 3, 2022
"Quite fun, varied elevation. Cell service drops in places so study the map first. Plenty of spots to lose a disc forever. Most of the course zig-zags an active ball golf course. Will play again. $5"
Jun 13, 2022
"Fun and challenging course. Took a bit of time to find tee pads (great to have UDisc to help). Agree that it would be great to upgrade the old baskets. I didn't like having to pay for the round plus park entry but understand that it would be unfair to the ball golfers to play for free. Still, I hope that they don't put up the green fees. Kudos to the course designers for using all of the landscape features in the course design. Looking forward to playing it again soon. "
May 23, 2022
"Well groomed course that plays along an existing ball golf course. Good mix of forehand and backhand, long and short holes, shooting up and dropping down. Some old baskets and some new baskets. Overall a very enjoyable course. The layout is intermediate but it’s very easy to adjust to a challenging setup. "
Apr 4, 2022
"Great use of elevation changes, challenging basket placements. Newer layout incorporates longer golf holes. One of the best courses in Saskatchewan."
Feb 28, 2022
"Overall good challenging course. Some nice long par 3's and a good mix of long and short holes as well as a couple of wooded holes to finish up the round. Good use of elevation and natural OB. Would be nice to see the other half of the baskets upgraded but overall a fun course to play. Wouldn't necessarily recommend for brand new beginners but I'm sure anyone played it would still enjoy it. Make sure you have udisc to find the correct tee pads but paper copies of the map are also availible."
Sep 25, 2021
"Beautiful course. Stunning views and challenging holes. Could use marked tees and baskets "
Sep 13, 2021
"Terrain is pretty nice, and there’s a fun variety. A nice change near Saskatoon. The first 5 holes run along the creek and there’s a high risk of losing discs. The course isn’t worth a drowned disc. "
Sep 6, 2021
"This course has amazing potential, but we spent more time looking for tee off boxes than actually playing. Needs to be marked better. "
Aug 18, 2021
"Great course. Well laid out, well taken care of. Couple more signs would make things more obvious and help keep the golfers aware of the disc golfers "
Aug 8, 2021
"Not a bad course teepads need to be marked better"
Jul 22, 2021
"For the RHBH thrower bring your Anhy discs or your forehand game! What a gem of a course. Yes it is on a golf course but for the 3 days we were there we saw 2 people once. It's like having your own private course! Some of the brush is pretty thick but throw smart and the bushes won't be an issue. Course has some elevation change so there is a lot of variety in shots. Worth the drive from Saskatoon. Make a day of it and bring a picnic or camp here for a few days! Support this course. Exc"
Jun 21, 2021
"Need to be in decent shape to walk the course. Good for the experienced golfer."
May 26, 2021
"Great terrain and layout. Prepare to lose discs if there is any wind (it's Saskatchewan so it's inevitable). A bit on the dangerous side as there are golf balls flying at you while you are playing "
Oct 2, 2020
"Fun course, lots of elevation changes, a few cool signature holes. Well groomed sharing ball golf course. Mix of new quality baskets and older baskets. Udisc a must to find tee boxes. Upgrading older baskets and adding signage to tee boxes would greatly improve course. Will definitely play again though "
Aug 31, 2020
"Ok, I want to love this course but I had a challenging game and I’m not sure what to blame it on. Windy days are NOT ideal as you will lose a disc... or 3. It’s a challenging course which I find the par 3s nearly impossible. Some beautiful concepts like basket 3, 17 and 18. It runs along an active golf course which makes it a long yet gorgeous hike. This is not for new players and probably not a family friendly course. I plan to come back in 5 years when I have more experience. "
Aug 9, 2020
"A good course a very challenging course I would not recommend doing it unless you are under perfect weather conditions lost numerous discs in the thick bush. Very long par threes. Not family friendly but a good course. Mixture of old and new disc catcher baskets. Make sure and come prepared to have at least one meltdown. Amazing food at the cafe."
Jul 6, 2020
"Not a beginner course. Although there are a few easy holes mixed in. I’d say intermediate-advanced for skill level. Leaning a bit towards advanced. It does cost $5 to play plus $10 per car, not a big deal. Positives: Course is well groom, great variety of holes. Negatives: Tees could use improvement. Would prefer something upright to indicate where they are since cell reception isn’t the greatest and had to rely on phone’s built in gps (I believe hole 10 is backwards on the app). "
Jul 5, 2020
"Needs better tee areas and grass needs to be cut back from tees "
Jun 14, 2020
"Needs flags to designate the tees. Otherwise, fun course in a cool regional park"
May 30, 2020
"10 buck course 5 buck entry "
Sep 3, 2019
"Very well kept. Elevation changes"
Sep 3, 2019
"Amazing layout on existing golf course. Lots of deep rough! Stay on the fairway!"