Mar 23, 2023
"Courses like these are why I play disc golf. It’s not just a course, it’s an experience. The owner, Ken, couldn’t be more welcoming and happy to see new faces. He had free snacks and free water at the conveniently located casita on the property. It’s a quick round but took me longer since I kept taking photos of the beautiful views. There’s some other gems about this course that make it totally unique, but don’t want to spoilt it. This one is worth traveling to!"
Mar 21, 2023
"Best course in the area. Owners are top notch humans and we will definitely be going back every time we are remotely close to the area. Thanks for the amazing course and even better hospitality. Thanks!!!"
Feb 5, 2023
"Owner was very gracious to allow play today. Well designed course and scenery is magnificent. Very hospitable!"
Jan 6, 2023
"The corse is now closed do to building home is going to be done. Sorry"
Aug 8, 2022
"Probably because I played on a muggy and not breezy morning, but the gnats were incessant. Apart from that, fun ace run course with great scenery that takes advantage of the property really well!"
Apr 28, 2022
"Nice setup. Variety of lengths and up, down, across hill. Can see the baskets with a little looking from each tee. Even better is the owner and their B&B. I ended up here 2 nights and was spoiled the whole time. Lovely people. Will be back again."
Apr 3, 2022
"AWESOME course, call first, Ken is a great character. Absolutely must play, also check into his Bed & Breakfast he’s introducing there for FREE 🔥"
Mar 24, 2022
"Had a great time during our stay with Ken. He's the man! Cooked a great breakfast and provided an awesome experience. Can't wait to get back out there when the bed and breakfast is fully completed (coming very soon). Could not recommend it more. Fun course, great atmosphere, incredible views. "
Jan 22, 2022
"Uncle Ken is a gracious host who loves the sport with a passion. Course design is an 18-hole course with 9 baskets, lots of elevation change- don’t let the distances fool you! "
Jan 17, 2022
"Would recommend to anyone traveling tho(or local) as the best place to camp/hang/converse/disc. Ken is a great host. The course is fun with elevation and great use of the natural landscape!!!!"
Jan 12, 2022
"Getting to play with Ken was amazing. Property is beautiful. Course is challenging and fun. Thank you for a wonderful camping experience. Very gracious for the hospitality. "
Dec 16, 2021
"Beautiful property built and maintained by awesome people. You'll be referring to Mr. Hughson as Uncle Ken by the end of the day 😃. Big things are coming to this property in early 2022....Disc Golf B&B yall! He's building a B&B for disc golfers that will be FREE to stay at. Put this course on your do not miss list. And as always help keep it clean out there folks, this is a natural course on private property and the cleanest I've ever played, gotta keep it that way. Thanks Uncle Ken!"
Dec 13, 2021
"Gorgeous desert course, incredible sight lines, and Ken is the world's most gracious host. Put this one on the wishlist"
Dec 13, 2021
"Course has amazing views. Owners were extremely nice. Fun course."
Dec 12, 2021
"Great course, Ken is awesome. We'll definitely be back."
Dec 3, 2021
"pretty fun for an open course // epic views all over the place"
Dec 1, 2021
"I can't say enough good things about Ken and his course. He has a beautiful piece of property and has decided to put in the time, money, and effort to give back by putting in this course. It could be improved with some teepads and better signage, but I still had an amazing time. Ken was kind enough to play the F9 with me and helped guide me through the course, but I had no trouble navigating the B9 with the help of the Udisc map. Playing with Ken is an experience that I'll never forget!"
Oct 25, 2021
"A deceptively simple but challenging course (especially once the wind kicks in). I found myself enjoying the views of the property just as much as the hospitality of the couple who own it. What a fun and special / free course!"
Oct 14, 2021
"Thank you Ken for taking us for a round. This is an awesome course. It is technical in that there are numerous cacti etc. to negotiate. The overall terrain is rocky and uneven. Fantastic views! I will come again."
Aug 12, 2021
"Nice scenery, simple course! "
Jun 30, 2021
"Ken is as cool as they come. I appreciate your hospitality, playing a round and showing me the course. This is a must play. Every shot was fun with different ways you can huck it. Central to great courses in Kingman and in The Hualapai Mountains. Views!"
Feb 27, 2022
"Met Ken today after our round and he was a great guy. He is building a free place for disc golfers to stay on the property. Course is very well marked for a private course. Highly recoment."
May 23, 2021
"Found this gem on a road trip and it’s a blast. Fun lines and obstacles. Awesome clean outhouse. The owners rock it’s a must play"
May 23, 2021
"Amazing Course!! Great owners they play as well. Very welcoming, easy to follow, with a great set up! It’s a hidden secret that is free! Thank you so much for allowing us to play on such short notice."
Apr 7, 2021
"Very fun course with breathtaking views. #10 tee pad is in the parking lot. We struggled to find it initially. Thanks Hughson for sharing you great property with us. "
Apr 4, 2021
"Beautiful landscape, great use of space, short and medium length shots. Definitely worth the 20 minute drive off the 40 while passing through. "
Jul 24, 2020
"Fun course, great views. Really needs t pad work."
Jul 18, 2020
"Great course with super good flow and easy to find baskets, usually had to look off to the side only by 5-10 feet to spot it. Honestly was super fun the only reason it’s not five stars is for the dirt tee offs with some rocks in the ground which really aren’t that big of a deal overall but can make the footing a little tricky for some tee offs. But I talked with Ken via text a bit and he said that he is planning on fixing those up. 10/10 recommend if you are in the area."