Jun 25, 2022
"This is basically a big open field with a slight slope throughout. There are a few trees on one edge of the field and a few interspersed throughout. Many of the holes, you throw downhill towards one basket then walk 100 feet and throw the opposite direction to a basket 100 feet from the prior tee. The baskets are nice and not hard to follow due to the sparseness of trees. I can't rate it higher than 2.5 because that would be a disservice to all the 3.0 rated courses."
Jun 23, 2022
"The layout was ok. Back and forth with use of sparse trees. People had Mentioned short pads, but they are flush with the ground usually and you can do a James Conrad if you have to. Picture of Layout on Signs would be nice as a couple baskets can be seen from tee pads. I came on 6/22/22 and the biting flies/gnats were terrible even with spray. Had to watch deep breath’s or you’d get a mouthful. Can’t downgrade the course for nature you can’t control. "
Aug 5, 2021
"Overall, well maintained and layout maximizes space while using the few existing trees as obstacles. Distance is the main challenge which makes short tee pads slightly frustrating, especially on 450 ft par 3s. "
Jul 17, 2021
"Nice baskets. Very clean. Tee pads are nice but short. Distances seem a little off. A little too open. Pars are a bit tough on some holes."
Jul 14, 2021
"Very nice course. Super easy to navigate."
Aug 11, 2019
"Great new course!"