Aug 8, 2022
"New baskets are great, no tee signs yet, well kept grounds!!. The UDisc layout needs to be redone or the actual holes if it is correct. The majority of the tee pads are directly inline or beside the last holes/fairways - this is a big safety issue if the course is busy. Also, the basket on hole 7 is in the middle of the new pump track so it is impossible to throw to that basket of kids are biking on the track. I would hate to see someone get hurt. "
Jul 27, 2021
"Nicely maintained, fun little course. The baskets are custom and super hard. Go for the layup!"
Aug 31, 2020
"Cute little course. I can see why people don’t like the baskets as they are homemade and the chains won’t catch the disc. I LOVED the baskets as they are what made this course unique. Use this app and you should have no problems following the course. Also helps to look for the yellow base on the poles as they tend to stand out in the environment. "
Aug 31, 2020
"Cute homemade baskets hard to stick a lanfing in them though. Small regional course. Well groomed "
Jun 28, 2020
"Honestly not as bad as people say, neat little 9 hole course in a nice park. Wouldn't travel to play here but if you're in the area and need something to do it's fun. "
Aug 8, 2018
"Couldn't find the 2nd hole. Badly positioned holes, very hard to find. Last hole you have to play around a building. Reposition the nets and it would be a lot more fun."
Jul 21, 2018
"Poorly Homemade baskets with no clear hole locations "