Dec 21, 2020
"Fun red layout with a lot more potential. Most shots are straight ahead and open, but the hills and wind add a technical aspect to the course. Each hole falls somewhere between 125 - 275ft. All this course needs is the tee pads relocated and some larger rubber pads similar to hole 1 for the rest of the course. Baskets are solid. "
Dec 21, 2020
"Course is small but a little bit technical of elevation shots back and forth. No trees or bushes. Course can be played with a mid-range and putter. Tee pads are small and not leveled correctly and fairly close to each basket. If tea pads were moved to better locations this course would be a lot better. Wind and elevation shots make this course little technical. Lots of potential to make this course great"
Sep 29, 2020
"Fast little desert course. Tee pads are small and uneven and there's no shade at all, but the staff at the check-in were super friendly, and the baskets are in good shape, so if you're in the area anyway you might as well check it out!"
Jul 10, 2019
"cool but way to much work!"