Oct 9, 2022
"Beautiful but tough course "
Aug 24, 2022
"Incredible views, long holes with hidden baskets. Decent signage. Crappy tee pads, hole 6 over the canyon is epic! "
Aug 21, 2022
"An absolutely unique course. Front nine is well established and straight forwards. Back nine is totally wild. I would probably play the front twice instead. Hiking boots and a bunch of water are a must Tee pads are trash. "
Aug 10, 2022
"Needs to be updated to 18 holes. Beautiful spot. Well marked. Deep ravines and bushes everywhere. Back 9 is not well marked for travel between tee and hole and next tee. Office has a map. "
Jun 3, 2022
"Fun course if you’re in the area. Nice campground at the park too. "
Jun 1, 2022
"very hard to find a scenicvery scenic but almost impossible to play the first time without knowing where you’re going. Still worth it trying to trudge your way through"
May 27, 2022
"Really fun course with lots of breathtaking views! So much potential but I wish they'd put concrete tpads in! The ones they have are really short and kind of sketchy so most of the time we played to the side of them. It'd be nice to update the t signs to help you see where the basket is! They said they have 18 holes in now but didn't have a map for the back 9 and with no udisc layout we didn't dare play the back 9. It's worth playing though if you get a chance! "
Mar 27, 2022
"The scenery is phenomenal but the course is poorly designed. I found it very difficult to find my disc and the blind shots of 400-700 feet didn't help. Tee pads are dangerously short. Meandering and overlapping trails make navigation a bit difficult and a lack of cell service and the visitor center aerial map showing just the front nine didn't make things an easier. I decided to quit after 8 holes. $10 to enter the park and I snagged a free shower."
Jan 8, 2022
"This is the muddiest course I’ve ever played. This is during the winter "
Nov 17, 2021
"Amazing course. They actually have 18 (as of now not added to UDisc). Baskets are challenging and the views are amazing. Play it!"
Nov 15, 2021
"Spectacular setting! Worth playing twice just so you get a lay of the land in the first round. "
Oct 6, 2021
"Fun course. State Park employee didn’t seem to want to be helpful about where to start. There is a map at the pay station though. Some really fun holes that throw over big ravines. "
Jun 30, 2021
"Course is fun and challenging, hole 5 is sketchy with a real potential to lose a disc over a Cliff"
May 17, 2021
"Needs longer tee pads! Great views! "
May 12, 2021
"With good tee pads, this course would have been excellent. Still lots of fun with good variety. The par fives and par six are really soft, but hole three (par 3) is really hard. A few holes were simply going over the top of lots of small trees and shrubbery. Holes 1 and 5 were my favorite."
Apr 23, 2021
"Looks like they might be working on building another nine here, but it's not mapped yet. Probably one of my favorite courses I've played around the country. The setting is amazing!"
Apr 23, 2021
"The course is a nine hole with a back 18 in progress, it is a stellar course with fun shots and easier pars. If you are beginner don't shy away but if you are more advanced score high! Holes 10 and 11 are completed"
Apr 19, 2021
"Amazing views. Favors righty forehands. Short plastic Tee-pads. "
Sep 8, 2020
"Bad tee pads and pretty easy par. BUT my biggest gripe is the complete disregard of the kriptobiotic soil. You will end up destroying this soil if you play. Really disappointing. I wish they made ob or something to avoid it. Especially because this is a state park that is supposed to preserve the environment. I'm a huge fan of disc golf and the course design was actually really fun, but I just can't play a course where I walk on fragile soil that is crucial to the ecosystem."
Aug 1, 2020
"Beautiful course! Tee boxes were clearly marked and chains were like new. A few holes were long and challenging but very fun and really made you think about your shot (or risk going into a canyon). Rubber tee pads were only real negative, and had to walk ahead to spot chains on a few of the longer holes. Overall had a blast and will definitely visit again if/when in the area. "
Jul 1, 2020
"I really enjoyed this course! The scenery is awesome and the course design is really good in my opinion. The holes were long, challenging, and rewarding. The rubber mats for tees aren't ideal but definitely better than the sand that's below them. There isn't any signage but there are flags in between holes to guide the way. Probably not a destination course by itself but if you're headed to Bryce Canyon definitely add this to the list. Hopefully they decide to add some pads and 9 more holes!"