Nov 22, 2022
"The Monster is an impressive use of land for yet another course with no extra maintenance. The amount of time and diligence by the park staff and the course designer(s), to have this type of facility, is a great model for future course installation. Yes it can be a bit confusing with so many Tee signs, Tee pads, and baskets, but, as with any first time at a course, you learn and then you know. The TDs at this course are always willing to communicate and assist in any questions you may have"
Sep 24, 2022
"Very long and challenging. Good mix of technical woods shots and long bomber holes"
Aug 7, 2022
"Course is very well maintained! The layout can be a little confusing without an explanation. However the local club is very friendly and helpful. The trick is looking for the color flags on the baskets themselves. In addition UDisc routes are very good. Very difficult course both physically and technically especially with the hole distances. Fantastic views!. I would recommend the course for those with a bit of experience."
Aug 5, 2022
"Looking great "
Jul 28, 2022
"Challenging course but nothing stands out other than how long it is. A lot of overlap with the other 2 courses on the complex and would rather play them if given the choice. "
Jul 13, 2022
"This course is amazing, humbling is the only word that really works. Some of the thickest woods and longest holes possible. The only reason I did not get the full five stars, there were so many layouts and the baskets do not have ways to distinguish them from a distance. Make those baskets a different color, or give them a different color flag on the top and you have a perfect course. The maps are very clear all around the park and a couple of the T pads are not finished but that was awesome."
Jul 12, 2022
"Tests everything you have! Be careful on shared fairways, weekday play recommend. "
Jul 3, 2022
"Such an amazing course. Long and challenging. A wee confusing initially cause this course is made by using the other two courses together. Concrete tees (some holes haven’t been made yet but I would assume they will soon). Really good maps. Each basket has a flag and color for which course it’s a part of. Soom long bomb shots, some very technical, all together plenty of fun."
Jun 12, 2022
"Awesome course, tough for intermediate players"
Mar 23, 2022
"Great course designs here! All mixes of layouts."
Feb 5, 2022
"Little slippery atm but once it drys more 👌"
Dec 30, 2021
"This course truly lives up to the name of "Monster". There is a lot of potential for this course once everything is finished. The shorter of the two courses is pretty gettable for a ~900 rated player with both a forehand and backhand, but you need a lot of power to get birdies on the long course. Signage was good but the flow could be improved - you are crossing over the parking lots several times and backtracking to teepads a lot. "
Dec 27, 2021
"Course is in work. Great holes, just needs finished to be amazing. "
Nov 28, 2021
"As the previous review said, this is trying to do too much with this space. Combining so many pins and tee pads makes everything confusing creates screwy lines. Some holes were legit good and challenging, but a lot was frustrating. The simplest fix would be putting the tee signs directly next to tee pads facing the way of your tee shot. Most signs are strangely positioned away from the tee pad. The park is great and this could be one really amazing course instead of three."
Nov 18, 2021
"The course is located at a beautiful public park. The only issue is that they are trying to do too much with the space. Multiple tee boxes with multiple baskets and multiple layouts all in one area makes it super confusing even with the app. Would prefer a more simplified approach of multiple tee boxes (Gold, Blue, White, Red) all going to a single basket. "
Oct 27, 2021
"The Monster is a very difficult course. But an awesome one. "
Oct 22, 2021
"Very unsure about how I feel about the course. There are holes where A pin is much better and some where B pin is much better. Overall, course has too many tees and baskets. Monster course needs works and adjustments."
Oct 17, 2021
"Great mix of open and wooded course. Still missing a few concrete pads but throwing to one side on in the gravel was no issue. "
Aug 14, 2021
"Pretty good course. Unsure of how it will work out when it’s busy. We played on a Saturday and wasn’t too busy and still waited a lot. Three cards in front of us were playing a different course but same areas. It could be dangerous. Big long open holes on the long layout. Nice baskets. No tee pads but it wasn’t bad. Only struggled to find next hole on a few holes and UDisc map was helpful. "
Aug 8, 2021
"Super excited about this course. Very technical and challenges your game to the core. Love the potential in this course"