Mar 15, 2023
"Course has the potential to be one of the best in that area. All that it really needs is a little up keep and a lot of help with the tee box’s. Love the design of the holes. Some of them shorter and give you that “Go in the hole” reaction while some are wooded and challenging further throwing holes. It really gives you the best of both worlds, but tee pads are what separate a decent course from an amazing course, so until it gets better tee pads it will just be a decent course. "
Mar 15, 2023
"Great course! Good design, could use some love on the new back 9! Needs more foot traffic to beat down the fairways."
Mar 12, 2023
"Lovin it. I just found out about this course and hit it today. Ran into its designer and I'm really excited about this one because it's so close to my home. This is my new favorite. Great challenging shots, A good mix of shots both left and right. No water hazards, mostly shade and not so windy as most in this area are. I would say this is easily above intermediate level with a beginner friendly front 8. You can jump easy from 8 to 17 for a short 9. This will be my new home course. "
Mar 5, 2023
"Nice layout chance to work on all shots. With some upkeep in the fairways and teepads this could be 5 star course."
Mar 9, 2023
"Please return the scorecard for 10 Hole. The 10 Hole is a perfect course for bringing people along who cannot walk the fairly rugged terrain of the new B9. Additionally, the new course scorecard needs to be updated with distances. I am happy to assist with this and can be reached at"
Mar 17, 2023
"Not a bad course .. needs tee pads, missing a post to mark tee area, no tee signs"
Sep 26, 2022
"Recently updated with new innova disccatchers. Use the wooden posts to navigate, easy to follow. Fun course and in the shade."
Jan 22, 2023
"New holes def are gonna need teepads. "
Dec 10, 2022
"Updating rating based on new baskets. New baskets are $weet! Will def be going back. Missing post for tee on #7. I actually like this course now. If there were better markers for tee locations and maybe concrete tee pads. That would put my rating higher. No reason course can’t go out to 18. Make this happen. "
Jan 25, 2019
"10 hole. Damaged baskets. Unmarked tees."
Jan 26, 2023
"All new baskets. Now 18 holes. All tees marked with hole number and distance. Being improved weekly. "