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Hole 2Hole 18Hole 16Hot Dry Day But Great in the shade
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Lots of trees, small creek runs through middle of course. Mix of long and short throws with elevation changes. Multiple tee boxes on select holes. Involves some hard throws and long drives. North Park Course Rules: General Rules for ALL Holes: No 2 meter rule Surrounded by creek water is always OB Street/road and beyond is always OB Neighborhood fences/Park boundaries and beyond are always OB On and under a bridge is always OB If you are in the creek bed where there is a brick wall, you are OB even if leaning on the brick. On top of the bricks is safe Walled off area between 10 long tee and 12 long tee is always OB If unmarked, all drop zones are directly next to the mando If your lie is impeded by a vehicle parked on the fairway, you may take optional relief on the fairway side of the vehicle with up to 2 meters of clearance Specific Hole by Hole Rules: Hole 1: Left of fence and painted line is OB (only after disc has crossed the creek bed). Hole 2: Beyond brick line, fence line, and painted line is OB. Hole 6: Disregard fence. Hole 8: Left of the painted line is OB. Hole 9: Must stay left of mando tree; left of painted line is OB. Hole 10: Right of fence line is OB. Hole 11: Can be on either side of the creek or in the creek bed as long as you are dry. Hole 12: Must stay right of mando tree; disregard fence. Hole 13: Double mando between telephone poles. Hole 14: Must stay left of mando tree when hole 12 is long pin only; left of painted line is OB. Hole 15: Left of the painted line is OB. Hole 16: Disregard fence. Hole 17: Clown’s mouth mando - disc must travel under rope and between the 2 trees; beyond brick line and painted line is OB; disregard fence. Hole 18: Must stay left of mando tree; you can be on either side of the creek or in the creek bed as long as you are dry; disregard fence.
18 Holes
Concrete, Grass Tees
DISCatcher Pro (28 chains), Veteran Targets
Mixed use, Public park
Established 2007
Dogs allowed
Cart friendly
Restroom available


Ideal Discs (817) 849-2003

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Players usually spend 1.5 - 2.5 hours here.

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Shot variety/design
Tee areas
Jul 3, 2023
Fun overall course
Jul 4, 2023
Dry right now, long pins.
Jul 11, 2023
Downed limbs on hole 7 fairway.
Aug 6, 2023
No hole maps at tees, layout confusing for a newbie. Hole maps at 1 and hole 10 though. Ditch through the middle of course was muddy and full of mosquitoes.


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