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Jul 2, 2023
This is a 13 hole course. Holes 8,9,10,11, and 12 are unplayable as they have been left abandoned and forgotten about, letting nature take over the fairways. Tee pads are nice and there is a decent variety for a "park course". A few of the holes' distances don't match up with uDisc.
Dec 30, 2022
Fun course with a variety of shots, the layout it confusing when you get to the middle stretch and sometimes it’s hard to find baskets or tee signs.
Aug 24, 2023
Nice fall course, Woods are very tight nice that it was very quiet didn’t mind throwing over the roads
After playing 18 Hole
Jul 12, 2022
Course was fresh mowed. 2/3 of the course plays in a nice open park with scattered mature trees & several holes play near the river. Not much of a hazard unless you shank it. The wooded holes could use some maintenance, but all of the holes are short & as long as you stay on the fairway you’ll be fine. Decent course for a small town. Would rate it 4 stars if the wooded section was better maintained.
Sep 5, 2023
I liked some parts. But some of those hole layouts were ridiculous. Especially 18, one of the worst basket placements I’ve seen. I inadvertently came back because I forgot how bad it was. Holes 8-12 are unplayable. The only reason there are amenities is for the rest of the park, obviously the course itself is all but abandoned.
After playing 18 Hole
May 21, 2022
Very overgrown, half of course is in a marsh
Sep 10, 2021
Great course for beginner moving to intermediate. Beautiful park. Course has river numerous challenging tunnel shot in the woods. Glad I stumbled on this. Cement pads except for about 5 holes.
Jul 27, 2021
Nice course with good tee pads and upkeep. Starts simple and then moves into some more technical wooded holes. A little bit of everything. I agree it is very difficult to navigate the middle of this course, even with UDisc and GPS I gave up on finding hole 8 and skipped to 11
Jun 27, 2023
Course needs extreme cleanup. It's like Playing hide and go seek with half the baskets and tee pads. Edit: we came back today (9/25) and the course was immensely improved. Fairways and pathways trimmed only a couple holes where it's a little hairy. 4/5 because it is still a little confusing for a first timer.
Aug 22, 2020
Wow this course is not updated wholes 5-11 weeds tall as the baskets I would skip this course
May 28, 2020
Fun course don't get me wrong. Wearing waterproof shoes is definitely a must. Holes 5 though 14 all in swamp land. The course is hard to navigate and missing teepads.
Jul 19, 2020
Fun course, but lots of water in the woods. The woods is full of real tall grass as well, and some holes don't have concrete tee pads. Not sure if the fairways get mowed when there is less rain or not. You'll definitely want waterproof shoes if your playing holes 5-13. Overall, nice course, with some downfalls. I'd like to come back and play it some time when it dries up some.
Aug 13, 2019
Course started out good and made sense. It started to break down once it went into the woods. Maintenance was good in the main area but the woods were not mowed at all
Jul 9, 2018
Tips: bring 100% deet*available in non EPA participating countries. Upkeep:...