Hole 18 only sign on the course.
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fair conditions
All tee pads poured and all baskets installed. Dry conditions. Still early, so nothing seems overgrown. Hole 13 to 18 have 8ft fairways.
About the Course
Wooded course still being developed, but it IS playable ( less so now that weeds are grown in). All pads are now poured and most fairways are cut In. Slight elevation changes. Over water and road shots. All baskets are in. The lines for1, 3 and 4,6 are not cut in, kinda poke and hope atm. The back wooded holes have been rough cut, with more trees marked for removal. Very rough but it IS playable. As it sits it is a good forehand is needed as the fairway shapes just aren't there for rhbh yet, on most of the wooded holes. Currently holes 13 and on have fairways about a vehicle width wide, except for 15. Lots of money in baskets and pads, but about half the course is too overgrown to play. not sure what parks department plan is, but lots of potential currently wasted here
18 Holes
Concrete, natural until poured Tees
Mach X Targets
Mixed Use, Public Park
Established 2021
Dogs Allowed
Restroom Available

Course Traffic

Players usually spend 1 - 2 hours here.

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Jul 30, 2022
"No signs, Udisc is a must to play the course in order and to the right basket, nice pads tho. PANTS are necessary for majority of the course. Grass is cut for most of the course. 1, 13-18 unplayable. Does 15&16 share a basket? Couldn’t even find one of them. "
Jun 05, 2022
"Holes 2, and 5-12 are fun and in great shape. Holes 1, 3, and 4 need some trees trimmed/removed to be fair but are otherwise well thought out and playable. 13-18 are nearly unplayable however. Need to wear pants/ long sleeves and prepare to lose some discs, the undergrowth through the woods is waist high and the fairways are only 10ft wide max. Overall fun course, but needs some maintenance on the back few to be great."
May 14, 2022
"Pads all poured. Back fairways are VERY tight, but par playable if u can flex both forehand and backhand. 3, 4 and 6 could all use some trimming. But really alot of potential here as it develops "
May 07, 2022
"Holes 13 to 18 have 8ft fairways without consideration for natural flight paths. Be prepared to spend time looking for discs. Overall a good putter to midrange course to work on shot shapes. Hopefully city crews will groom fairways. Low ceiling for most of the course. Does favor forehands."

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