Old hood hole
Hole 4
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 11
Hole 13
Old hood hole
Hole 4. Pin is heavily guarded, down the tunnel and to the right.
Hole 18. Basket is on the hillside slightly left of the tree. That tree is a disc eater.
Hole 17. Over the bowl and on the ridge.
Hole 15. Two lanes. Pin is straight ahead from tee pad guarded by trees.
Hole 14. Tight gap. Basket is in the clearing off to the right.
Hole 16. Use left tee pad. Right tee pad no longer in use. Tunnel shot into the clearing sweeping left.
Hole 13. Tee pad marked by white plastic things near walking path. Basket is down the hill and back up in to the woods.
Hole 12. Tee pad marked by orange flags. Slightly uphill shot, straight ahead.
Hole 11. Beyond the sycamore the basket is tucked away on a little hill next to the creek. Tee pad marked by white plastic things up on hill
Hole 9. Down the hill. Pin is located in the middle of a little grove of trees.
Hole 8. Past the old 8 tee pad up on the hill. Marked by white plastic things. Past the tree in the middle and through a gap on the left.
Hole 10. Just over the top of the hill on the left of the pad. Pin is on the hillside.
Hole 7. Through the gap and over the creek. Tee pad is marked by little white plastic things.
Hole 6. Pin is right behind the lone guardian tree.
Hole 5. Basket is just slightly to the right of the tee pad. Lowish ceiling.
Hole 2. Pin straight ahead hidden by an outcropping of bushes. Ground can get pretty soggy on this one too.
Hole 1. Downhill and slightly to the left. The ground at the bottom of the hill gets really soggy.
Hole 3. First get through the gap. Mostly open approach, basket is lightly guarded by a few trees.
Hole 11