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24 days ago
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Description updated 2020 Take the Mallards Rest exit and take a sharp left onto the road bordering the fence. Enter the gate and the walk from the parking lot to the first tee is about 7 minutes. Follow the trail that wraps around the drainage ditch and past the large cottonwood. There is a turn that drops down and to the rivers edge, but keep going and the first tee is on the bluff, throwing over the first set of cottonwoods and into the woods beyond. From there, the first 12 holes play through the woods and plains before you go into the woods and back out. Slightly technical with some par 4s and long par 3s with prescribed routes. Notes are added here to help navigate Hole 1-Tone is yellow, this is a par 4 and the tone is pretty easy to see straight ahead in a grouping of trees, under the largest cottonwood. Hole 2-Tone is blind at the northeast end of the cottonwoods from the tee pad. Hole 3-Long par 4, tone is far back and straight ahead. Don't play to the tone on the right that's inside the x. Hole 4-Walk back towards the previous tee pad and the tee pad for hole 4 is in a sandbox playing back towards the bluff and the solitary cottonwood to your north. Hole 5. Long bomber with the tone tucked in the cottonwoods behind and to the right of the lone dead cottonwood 150 feet. Tone elevated. Hole 6- Walk back towards the tee pad of 5 and the solo cottonwood, and to your right is the tee pad for 6. The tone is straight ahead to the far end of the line of trees. Hole 7- Tee pad is in the gully to your south. Tone is in the back right of the grove of trees, past the solo cottonwood 150 feet. Hole 8- Fence plays ob. There are two tee pads close to each other, one on left is for 8, other is for 11. Hole 9- Fence ob, playing to the grove of trees straight ahead, basket tucked inside and fairly close to fence. Hole 10- Past the dead juniper/bush 70 feet. On the edge of the cottonwoods. Hole 11-Walk back to hole 7s tone to find the tee pad, plays across the gully going into the woods. Hole 12-Tone is straight ahead around 300ft to a tone nestled into a fallen log. Hole 13-To find teepad walk directly left ~50ft from 12s tone there is a pad shaped where the ground becomes more beachy. The tone is almost straight ahead around 240 ft. Hole 14-Teepad just to the left of new 13s tone, Plays straight ahead, somewhat to the left, through a tight technical tunnel. Hole 15-Teepad a short walk to the left from 14s tone. Plays through the tunnel and a right dogleg. Hole 16- From 15s tone follow the trail across a log and look to your right to find a rough tee pad around 30 ft away. New tone position is to the left by the beach, past the large cottonwood in the way. Hole 17- Tee pad is to the left of 16s tone. Changed to a par 3, straight ahead through the trees, sitting on top of a fallen tree and in between two others. Hole 18-Tee pad to the left of 17s tone, playing across the logjam. Logjam plays ob with tone on a peninsula right across from it. If you go ob, play from a drop zone directly across from tone on the river side of logjam(its marked out) Hole 19-300ish feet under the crook of a fallen tree pretty straight ahead of the teepad. Hole 20- Old 18, Tee pad to the right of 19s tone. Plays straight ahead. Bonus Hole 21- Tee pad to the right of 20s tone, rough tee pad still but plays straight ahead to a tone inside a piece of driftwood. No littering and be careful with your smokes. Have fun!
20 Holes
dirt Tees
Tones Targets
Mixed use, Other
Established 2019
Dogs allowed


Merlin Hearn, 406-223-3865,

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Apr 30, 2023
Great course although hard to navigate, well kept for an object course. Looks like someone has done a lot of work on it since the food, all tee boxes are well defined and marked (except 14 which I could not find) and painted PVC pipe targets are in place for all holes in the Sandalwood 21 layout. Good mix of long bomber holes on the front and shorter wooded holes in the back.
Apr 25, 2023
Some tee boxes missing or couldn't find, still had a great time. Beautiful view, great course, will play again
Nov 17, 2021
Great mix of shots in the most beautiful setting you can imagine
Sep 15, 2021
Beautiful course by the river


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