Aug 27, 2022
"First and foremost thank you to the church for adding a course. They did a great job adding a variety of distances with high quality baskets and signs on the lot of land that they have. Positives: -Good signs -High quality baskets -Great putting range with marked distances. -Gravel path throughout the course. -Trimmed fairways. Opportunities: -No Obstacles (this can be easier than you think to add) -No tee pads. -No Trash cans. "
Dec 26, 2021
"So much fun. Played an ok game but the course tested me and as a some what new frolfer the course was perfect for me"
Aug 23, 2021
"Open, bomber course. No tee boxes. A bit rough if you get off the mowed fairway, but not too bad. Easy to follow the course as the layout is very straightforward once you get going. Thanks for having this course ready!"
Jul 12, 2021
"Lots of weeds that get stuck in your socks if you are not on the fairways"