Oct 10, 2022
"A fun little nine hole course. Good for practice. Some elevation and descends . Not that far of a walk from one hole to another. No Maps, small tees but good enough for the course."
Jul 4, 2022
"I don’t like rating courses like this. Because each course has its own personality. This course says screw you on two holes when you think you have a birdie. I strongly disagree with the par 2 holes. It eliminates all scoring potential. The odds of a birdie are just not there unless you are a professional. However, I love this course because it forces you to shape some shots and choose your lines well. It’s great for a course on school property. Just don’t have high expectations. "
Jun 26, 2022
"Not an object course"
Aug 9, 2022
"The course is better now then it was. The long grass has been cut down to a reasonable length. Still needs work, but is a new easy 9 hole course."