Jul 19, 2022
"I like the idea of the course. I hope to play it more and I hope over time it evolves as needed. We straight up skipped holes 6, 7, 8. Way too much swamp. Lost two discs to the water on hole 3. But it was fun. People have been returning found discs to the “toy box” next to the volley ball net. "
Jul 10, 2022
"Really like the idea of having a course here and it’s honestly a fun layout. However, you are going to be walking through a swampy marsh half the time so you definitely want to wear long pants and boots if you’re going to play it. A good start though!"
Jul 2, 2022
"What a rad little mountain course! Hole 3 is certainly a favorite, but all are unique. Better marking than Wasatch Wunder course. Huge props to Bonny for putting such a huge effort into making this course a reality almost single handedly!"
Jun 4, 2022
"Such a fun little 9 hole course. Played with the course designer, Bonnie, and had a great time. Short course but challenging lines and putts for any skill level. Unbelievable scenery!"
Nov 26, 2021
"Obviously it’s short and only six baskets (three more coming soon) but a really fun course with some small elevation changes and good use of obstacles."