Sep 29, 2022
"Holes 13, 14, 15, and 16 baskets are missing"
Jul 22, 2022
"I played this course probably on the worst day possible. Windy, crowded parking lots, and maintenance crew mowing. BUT! If I had played on a day without these elements, I would have had a better round. My rating is because following the baskets can be a little confusing, it can be risky hitting cars if the lord are full, and some of the shots along the roads make you play safe. However, great course for how small the park is and using what they got! "
Jul 8, 2021
"Could use tee pads but signage is good and thats more important to me. A very good everyday practice course, change up shots and work on aces. Better than given credit for. Raise some money and I'll donate my labor to put pads in"
Jun 30, 2021
"Needs tee pads "
Jun 1, 2021
"Used to be better in older layouts. If you're into tweeners, this is the course for you. Throw an open distance drive 360' then have an unobstructed short upshot and be under the basket so no putt. Beautiful land to work with but poorly designed. The first eight holes were cool, but then it got disappointing. Rated lower because it has a 3.0 rating but doesn't live up to it."
Apr 8, 2021
"Needs tee pads and would be a better course "