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Course plays uphill or downhill on most holes with some mandos to keep shots out of nearby roads. Includes two practice baskets, 45' apart, due east of hole 1's tee pad, near playground. Course map and UDisc link are available in kiosk, north of hole 1's tee pad. Hole bias regarding backhand: Hole 1 (++R, -, -), Hole 2(+R, +R), Hole 3(++R), Hole 4(+L, +L), Hole 5(+R, ++L), Hole 6 (+R, ++R, -), Hole 7 (+R, +L), Hole 8 (+L, +R), Hole 9 (-, +L), Hole 10(++L, -, +L), Hole 11(+L, ++R), Hole 12 (-), Hole 13 (+L, +L), Hole 14 (-), Hole 15 (+L, +R, -), Hole 16 (+L, +L, -), Hole 17 (+R, +R, ++R), Hole 18(+L, -, +R) Total: +R=20, +L=17. Overall, the course is slightly biased for right-handed backhands. However, given the many possible layouts, that could range from +R=18 to +L=13. Generic Rules: 1. Do not ever trespass into fenced off areas. Inside them is OB. 2. On any street is out of bounds. Beyond any street from in-bounds fairway area is out of bounds. 3. Smooth cement sidewalks adjacent to curbs/streets are OB, unless marked otherwise. All water is OB, unless specifically designated otherwise in the players' meeting. Walking trails are not out of bounds. Tee Pads from other holes are not OB. (But, landing on them is embarrassing.) 4. If you miss one or more “mandos” and end up OB, then the lie for your next shot is determined by the first infraction that occurred during the throw. (Exception: See rules for hole #6) 5. There is no 2-meter rule at Turner Park. 6. Street Curb Rule: The out of bounds line is defined as the edge of the cement that is adjacent to the main edge of the grass/dirt/etc; not leaves or overgrown grass. Touching leaves or overgrown grass is of no importance. If any portion of a disc resides on the in-bounds side of the defined OB line, then the disc is considered to be in bounds. Whenever street curb sections are separated for drainage or driveways, then the OB line may defined as the in-bounds edge of a painted line that spans the separation. If there is no painted line, the group is to estimate it to the best of their ability. When in doubt, error on the side of “in-bounds”. 7. Disc Under Bridge Rule: If a disc is under a bridge and the disc is not considered to be out of bounds, then the disc may be relocated out from under the bridge in a direction that is away from the basket to the nearest safe lie, or to the top of the bridge, without incurring a penalty stroke. (Use group decision for identification of nearest safe lie.) 8. Disc On Bridge Rule: Bridges are in-bounds. If a disc lands on top of a bridge, then it may be played as it lies, even if there is water under the bridge at the point of the lie.
18 Holes
Concrete Tees
Mach V Targets
Mixed use, Public park
Established 2009
Dogs allowed
Cart friendly
No drinking water available
Restroom available


Jim Dart 817.966.6946

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Players usually spend 2 - 3 hours here.

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Shot variety/design
Tee areas
Jul 15, 2023
Some lines are overgrown and need trimming but good challenging course
Sep 14, 2023
Awesome hike, lots of long holes with cool lines.
Jul 1, 2023
Difficult the first time you play it.
Aug 20, 2023
Lots of trash.. great course lay out, elevation change that made difficulty harder, easy enough layout that you shouldn’t get lost (except hole 5) even in such a small park it allows for a few bomber shots(hole 18 1000’ hole)!!


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