Dec 31, 2022
"A course without tee pads is okay, but there should be ground flags or stones as indicators. The biggest problem was the course is very secondary to the dog park, so there's a lot of waiting for the fairway to clear, and a lot of defending discs from dogs. All that said, I'm coming back soon, with my dog 😉"
Dec 27, 2022
"Difficult to tell where the tee area is on each hole, course would be better if you could see the basket from each tee. With all the people/dogs running around I found it hard to commit to shots where I couldn't see the basket."
Nov 3, 2022
"Gorgeous property, rolling hills, much of it mowed. Old baskets and no teepads, but free, open and pretty. "
Oct 17, 2022
"Fun little free course. Lots of people with off leash dogs so careful around blind corners. 8th hole basket has a lot of fallen leaves. Almost lost a red disc under them. Very fun place to practice!"
Oct 13, 2022
"For a free course I couldn’t be happier with it, very clean & friendly + dog friendly. Free courses aren’t supposed to be top tier either so for 9 baskets out in Cumberland, I’d say it’s pretty damn nice. "
Sep 13, 2022
"I think ratings should take into consideration what it is. In this case, for a free, clean, maintained, open 9-hole, it is great. Not something you want to travel for but if you are in the area, this is as good as it gets for free practice. It's too bad seeing people give horrible ratings because it isn't Sabbatus or something. No crap. It is a free course in a park. This state is pay-to-play for the most part so if you aren't paying, be grateful. "
Sep 1, 2022
"Pretty park, but mostly wide open holes. Good use of the elevation changes. No tee pads or signs. One bench after hole one. Single chain baskets that have been hit by a tractor a few times. There are a few holes that would be unplayable if the long grass hadn’t been cut in a month. Be aware that there are also a lot of unleashed dogs here as well."
Aug 16, 2022
"They finally mowed the long grass which makes this course actually playable without losing tons of discs. For a free practice course it’s pretty nice and GREAT for field work. "
Jul 20, 2022
"5th hole has grass that is too tall. Otherwise pretty fun. Watch out for ground hornets in the tall grass."
Jul 3, 2022
"The course is a fairly nicely designed beginner course, with decent holes as per udisc. Free and as a public park is great to see, but there are no basket tee signs. Coming from Australia the lack of tee pads isn't the end of the world, and each tee location is level. However, as others have noted, holes 4, 5, 6 are very near or across tall, fairly dense grass, and while walkable paths are mown they aren't really enough to be playable fairways. As such, I lost two different discs. "
Jul 1, 2022
"Tall grass in the summer is rough. basically no fairway on some holes. No signage/tee pads as others mentioned"
Nov 14, 2021
"Very open grassy course, tall grass in some spots, lots of dogs (watch for poop) and humans walking around. Course not well marked at all. If you find a Gargoyles Garden stamped disc please let me know!"
Oct 12, 2021
"I gave this a 4 simple because it is an absolute mecca for fieldwork. Massive well-kept fields make it ideal for driving practice and not worrying about loosing a disc. The course itself is fine. No tee pads but still fun. Beautiful in the fall."
Aug 25, 2021
"Relatively open course, pins are close to tall grass 4-7"
May 18, 2021
"Fun little open field practice course"
Apr 8, 2021
"Fun public course. Will be dogs and walkers around but great for a quick fix. "
Oct 15, 2020
"Older baskets, some leaning and bent. Three of the Par 3s aren’t reachable unless you have consistent 450+ distance. Course can be crowded with park goers in the summer, which makes it a bit tough to play. When not crowded, it’s a decent spot to practice driving distance. Just make sure to use the UDisc app to find your way around and locate the unmarked tee boxes."
Aug 22, 2020
"No tee boxes so make sure you take a picture of the map at the red building. Very clean bathroom!"
Aug 11, 2020
"Good place to practice your driving. Wide open beautiful space. Very little technical challenge. Cheap baskets."
Aug 3, 2020
"This is a beautiful park and the course is good. There are some sections where there isn't much of a fair way and it is more just tall grass. Dogs are allowed off leash and families are walking throughout the course so it is a great casual play especially if you have people walking with you who aren't playing, but you will likely need to wait frequently for walkers and dogs."