May 16, 2023
"Great 9 hole course pretty flat and open. Good baskets. Great for a practice and light play course."
May 3, 2021
"Small, some 350+ throws, could use a course update"
Nov 24, 2020
"This course still seems to be in the midst of cleanup from this summer’s derecho, as there are logs and piles of debris around the course. Still, this course would not be rated much better even if it were cleaned up. Tees are natural, and tee signs do not have maps that describe which basket is the target, and a few baskets are close together. The holes also cross each other. The first eight baskets are nice MVP Black Hole targets, but the ninth is a homemade basket. "
Sep 5, 2022
"Not the best layout, since holes cross over each other a lot. But the course doesn’t seem to see much play, so it works. Updated baskets. Someone has done a ton of work to clean up after the derecho a couple years ago. The course is in good shape now. "