Aug 12, 2022
"Great work for the space given. I think next time I play 18 I would play simo's; 1 and 10, 2 and 11, etc. Highlight holes are 1 long, 9, and the wooded basket on 6"
Jul 20, 2022
"Nice, we’ll kept course with great hole maps and directions. Very fun "
Jun 1, 2022
"Decent little layout but I imagine it’s unplayable when people are here. Definitely confusing to play the first time and a lot of gnats."
May 5, 2022
"This is the best course that they could have possibly built with the land. Road plays as OB which makes these holes challenging "
Apr 24, 2022
"Pad edges are a tripping hazard, a lot of spots you can lose a disc and not get back unless you get ahold of management. Fun layout for the 18 hole a lot of potential."
Feb 17, 2022
"Starting to really develope into a fun little course. Designers did a good job with the 9 basket 18 tee pad lay out. Great for putter work. Safety is a concern if people are playing tennis or pedestrians walk by. Definitely prefer playing this course when it is not busy. "
Jan 28, 2022
"This is a fun course. Every shot offers something different. Use U-disc app to help you find the tee pads. WHY ITS 3 STARS -Plays around a lot of concrete. Tennis courts and a interwoven concrete walking path offers many dangerous disc scraping opportunities. -You may risk having your disc land in one of the facilities rendering it unobtainable without contacting someone for assistance. -You may risk hitting people as many holes play right next to volley ball nets and pathways."
Oct 31, 2021
"Definitely worth it. Interesting and unique "
Jul 5, 2021
"Nice compact course. Holes fairly easy to follow. Very short. Some holes quite close to public paths/pool/tennis. Private club but appreciated day disc golf use for $3. Very buggy - bring bug spray!!!"
Jun 8, 2021
"A great place to practice throwing your putters!! They have made a good effort to keep this course relevant "
May 16, 2021
"Course looks to still be in development. There's a lot going on around the pathway/ creek near 3's basket, hole 8 and 4 tees. You have 3's drive scarily crossing 8 tee, and hitting 4 tee off your drive drifts right. On 8 tee crosses 3 drive. Also 3's basket is pretty much in 5's fairway, so if you drive past 3 basket you're definitely in 5's fairway. Your drive on 4 goes through 5's fairway. 5's basket is too close to 6 tee. You'll see yellow flags around that mark boundaries."
May 1, 2021
"A little confusing to find tee pads and baskets "
Feb 15, 2021
"Definitely a work in progress. Technical and well designed. Tee pads and course markings were tough. Otherwise, good fun. Can’t wait for it to be a full 18"
Feb 10, 2021
"Not bad for what it is, which is a park that was retrofit for a disc golf course. Would greatly benefit from better signage and tee boxes, and I don’t love how close the line on Hole 1 and the basket on Hole 9 are to the road..."
Sep 22, 2020
"First round here. Even with the map, it was a little confusing to follow the course and find the next hole. Only two actual tee boxes. I played midday on a weekday, park is basically empty. The way the course flows through the park, even if the park were less than half full, no way I'd play here. Too many chances to actually hit someone. "
Sep 13, 2020
"Fairways are really close to sports where kids play. Tough to disc golf and let other people play their sports at the same time. I’d prefer to take new disc golfers to a less crowded area. "
Sep 12, 2020
"Great, short course for beginners with technical spots to work on skills (especially elevations). Reno work continues with dedication to keeping things kept and tight."
Aug 15, 2020
"Starts are not well marked"
Jul 23, 2020
"Still needs tees and better signage, but we were able to navigate okay. Short course with some risk of going into peoples’ yards and the road for beginning players. Appreciate the effort on the course though, could turn into a very nice beginner friendly course for those without the distance for Seneca"
Jun 6, 2020
"The redesign definitely puts more teeth into the course. I'm a little worried about the long tee for 3, as its blind to the basket next to a fairly well used path. The tee pads need work, especially after the recent rains."
Aug 1, 2019
"Give it a three star because it is well kept. It is a very short course, I only used a putter. I was not 100% sure it was a public course, I'm still not, but no one said anything to me. It is on the grounds of a daycamp/recreation club, which is why I am not sure. "