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Good conditions
3 days ago
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Super short, super flat. Great beginner course seeing that nothing is over 200 feet. All the holes are in the open and straight shots. It's in a marsh so mosquitos will be heavy during the summer. Be careful on hole 2, you have to throw over a path. Alot of the holes throw over other spaces or equipment that could be in use.
9 Holes
grass Tees
DISCatcher Pro (original) Targets
Established 2015

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Players usually spend 0.5 - 4 hours here.

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Sep 22, 2023
Very basic course with 9 dead straight holes all under 200', most of them well short of that. One hole is marked as 110' but is about 50', which left me rather confused for a bit, thinking I must be looking at the wrong basket. Pretty much all the holes have some very thick looking rough very close to the baskets or just all along one side of the hole. Thankfully I only got into it a few feet once, but if you overthrow or fade out 10'+ you may never find your disc. There were tee posts for each hole with hole number, par (which is 3 for all of them) and distance, which as stated above may not be correct. No hole maps but they aren't needed since as also stated above they are all dead straight shots. Other than that there was zero signage that I saw indicating that there was a disc golf course at the park. If you do know it is there it isn't hard to find as there are only two ways to go from the parking lot (for the record, go left for the first 6) but it was a bit of an issue for 7, 8 and 9 as they are 500' from the other 6 with absolutely no indication they exist or where they are. Logically they were the other way from the parking lot and the decreasing distance to the tee in UDisc confirmed that, but I could see someone thinking this was just a 6 hole course if they only discovered it by walking through the park. The baskets had a lot of rusty chains and looked old and tired but they weren't in bad condition outside of the chains. I didn't explore the entire park but didn't see any drinking water in the areas I did walk through. There was a portable toilet in the parking lot, don't remember seeing any others on the course. All in all not that great. Not really worth a drive unless you are a course collector, especially as there are multiple much better options in the surrounding 20 or so miles.
Sep 10, 2023
Some neat little holes, lots of walking between a few
Jun 26, 2023
Solid putt put course if you use the posts as tees it’s a fun warmup emphasizing accuracy with putters/short midrange shots
Jul 23, 2023
Love this short 9, very cute hidden park. Great course to introduce people to the game! Careful, some of the rough can get pretty thick, and don't forget to play holes 7,8,&9 - down the path near the parking lot to the soccer field. Absolutely gorgeous at sunset


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