Rough tee pad 8.
View from tee pad 5.View from tee pad 4. Bent basket.View from basket 3 looking back at tee.
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Before You Go
Limited Access
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good conditions
About the Course
Very short Par 3 course. Almost all holes include obstructed fairways with trees. Also, some very tight alleys. No water hazards. Wear pants or high socks...thorn bushes!
9 Holes
grass Tees
DISCatcher Pro (original) Targets
Established 2016
Upcoming League Events
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Jun 22, 2022
"Pretty much unplayable unless you’re going to land on a 10’ wide mowed fairway. Otherwise you’re losing your disc in waist high grass."
Jun 13, 2021
"Great neighborhood 9 to practice short game. Unfortunately, not currently being maintained. Almost all t boxes(markers) need to be fixed/replaced. Damage to basket 4 (I believe)."
May 25, 2021
"Tees are grass with small cement pegs to mark them. Tee 5 was totally missing. Baskets 1 and 2 are dangerously close to the road. The course is somewhat taken care of though construction nearby has taken its toll. Basket 4 is badly dented. Mulch chips are everywhere and litter is common. Decent 9 hole course if its your only option, but better courses aren't far away."
Mar 30, 2021
"There is a sign at the start of the course, but it doesn't show the baskets in their exact locations. There are also no tees, so it's hard to tell where to throw from. "


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