The Most Popular Disc Golf Course In Every Country: 2022

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Three images. 1st of three men silouhetted at sunset in a desert, 2nd of a disc golf basket in front of the ocean, 3rd of a turf tee pad and a view of a town and mist-covered mountain
From left to right, images from the most popular courses in Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, and Iceland in 2022. Photos uploaded to UDisc Courses by momoka, kunpapa, freddi93.

2022 just came to an end, and it's time for our annual look at the year's most popular (i.e., most played) disc golf courses based on rounds recorded with UDisc, disc golf's #1 app. Here you can find out which course was the most popular in over 80 countries.

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Disc golf courses that are a country or other large area's "most popular" tend to walk an interesting line. Though they're occasionally also what people consider an area's "best" course, it's fairly rare. But popular courses do tend to be very good courses.

Just to be clear before we keep going, "most popular" in this post means simply "most played."

In countries with multiple disc golf options, the most popular courses are often those near large population centers, easily accessible by car or public transport, and appealing to the majority of disc golfers. Since most disc golfers play recreationally, the courses with top play counts usually have layouts that are enjoyable and not demoralizing for less-skilled players.

Essentially, expect popular courses to have fun designs that will challenge the everyday disc golfer and be great for a family day out or someone's first round ever. The courses that manage to balance showing those demographics a top-notch time while also wowing experienced, competition-focused players are rare gems. They often make it possible through use of multiple tee positions, though, so make sure to check UDisc Courses for multiple layouts if a course catches your eye.

For those who want to know what the best disc golf courses in their country are, give "The 5 Best Disc Golf Courses In Every Country: 2022" a read.

Danish Disc Golf Course Gets #1, But Does It Want It?

Valbyparken in Copenhagen, Denmark, was the world's most popular disc golf course in 2022. For the last two years, Norway's Ekeberg course in Oslo has worn the crown, but it trailed behind a few courses in play counts last year.

While falling from the #1 spot in this category might feel like a loss to Oslo, we'd argue that having the world's most popular course in your town isn't something you want forever. What it typically means is that your area has a lot of enthusiasm for disc golf but not enough courses for players to comfortably spread out.

A disc golf basket in a flat, grassy area near dawn
A lovely skyline at Valbyparken in Copenhagen, the world's most popular disc golf course in 2022. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by magnusbisgaard

If you just take a look at the density of courses around Copenhagen and Oslo, you'll see a stark difference. The course count around Norway's capital is much higher than around Denmark's. And though Oslo has plenty of well-established courses, it also has quite a few that were built within the last two years that are offering some relief to the crowded fairways of Ekeberg. Around Copenhagen there's a distinct lack of courses considering the high interest in disc golf Valbyparken's play counts show.

The fact that San Diego's Morley Field also jumped ahead of Ekeberg this year is another bit of evidence for how high-interest, low-choice leads to huge round totals. Land in California is notoriously pricy and hard to come by, and in a city of over 1 million like San Diego (Copenhagen and Oslo are around 600,000), that's even more true.

Ultimately, we love seeing that a ton of people are playing disc golf anywhere, but we also hope disc golfers near these high-volume courses can use these numbers to convince local decision makers that there's plenty of demand for new places to play.

Åland's Numbers Continue to Impress

Åland is a collection of islands between Sweden and Finland and is actually not a country but instead a largely autonomous, Swedish-speaking part of Finland. We've followed the progress of its 16-course bid for disc golf tourism very closely.

Whether its mostly from tourists or the local population, the number of rounds played in Åland in 2022 is certainly impressive for a place with under 30,000 residents. Its top-played course managed to get more rounds than the top courses in countries like Germany and Australia. In fact, Germany's top course is in a city with a population that's more than double that of all Åland.

One of our writers got a chance to make an extended visit to Åland last summer, and we're excited to say we'll be releasing a disc golf travel guide to this charming destination in a few months.

What to Know Before Reading the Stats

Here are important things to know before you dive into the table.

On Where the Stats Came From and Their Meanings

  • $: This symbol next to a course's name means the course requires a fee of some type.
  • Plays: The number of rounds recorded in 2022 on a course with the UDisc app. Not every round of disc golf is recorded in UDisc, but research conducted in 2020 suggested that roughly one out of every five rounds is. A course needed a minimum of two plays to be included.
  • New #1?: A "Yes" in this column means a country had a different most popular course in 2021. A "New" in this column means a country didn't appear in last year's round-up of most popular courses in every country.
  • +/-: How many spots a country's 2022 top course rose or fell in relation to where the country's top course was on the 2021 list. For example, Germany's top course was #11 in total plays in relation to other countries' top courses in 2021; this year it was #12 and has a ▼1 in this category.
  • World Pop. Grade: The "Pop." stands for "popularity." This is a quick and interesting way to compare every course's play total with 2022's most popular disc golf course in the world. If you've ever had a test graded on a curve, it's pretty much the same thing. The course with the most plays in the world set the bar and got a 100. The other courses' "grades" are based on what percentage their play counts are of the highest plays total. For example, if a course has a World Pop. Grade of 20, it means it had 20% of the plays that the world's most popular course did in 2022.

Use This List for Travel With Caution

  • Our rundowns of best disc golf courses are intended for travel purposes whereas we intend lists of most popular courses to show both where a high volume of disc golf is being played and simply where people have played disc golf at all. Do thorough research before planning travel based on courses in the table below as many of the courses are object courses, don't exist unless locals bring baskets to a park, require military IDs to enter, or are unavailable/unenticing to the general public for other reasons.

On Organization and Tips for Correct Interpretation

  • The table is organized from the most played to the least played course, but...
  • ... don't forget that the stats include only the top course from each country. Because many countries have multiple courses with more plays than the top course in other countries, no course's position in the table – other than #1 – is guaranteed to reflect its overall popularity as compared to all courses in the world.
  Country Disc Golf Course City Disc Golf Rounds Recorded
New #1?
+/- World
1 Denmark Valbyparken Disc Golf Copenhagen 40,639 ▲1 100
2 United States of America Morley Field $ San Diego 39,965 ▲1 98
3 Norway Ekeberg Frisbeegolfbane Oslo 34,599 ▼2 85
4 Canada Baker Park Calgary 27,663 68
5 Sweden Rydskogen Disc Golf Course Linköping 21,848 Yes 54
6 Finland Mukkula DiscGolfPark Lahti 19,150 Yes 47
7 New Zealand Jellie Park Christchurch 14,994 37
8 Austria Wiener Prater Disc Golf Parcours Vienna 8,437 21
9 Netherlands Disc Golf Course Stadsbos013 Tilburg 8,222 Yes ▲7 20
10 United Kingdom Longford Park Disc Golf Course Manchester 7,926 ▼1 20
11 Åland Islands* LC Mariehamn DiscGolfPark Mariehamn 6,312 ▼2 16
12 Germany Norderstedt Norderstedt 6,128 Yes ▼1 15
13 Iceland Grafarholt Reykjavík 5,608 Yes ▼3 14
14 Australia Chichester DiscGolfPark Woodvale 5,602 14
15 Estonia Kurna Mõisapark Kurna 4,709 Yes ▼3 12
16 Czechia DG Park Stromovka České Budějovice 4,456 ▼2 11
17 Spain DiscGolfPark Mijas $ Mijas 3,578 ▲12 9
18 Mexico Rufino Tamayo San Pedro Garza García 3,340 ▲4 8
19 Japan Showa Kinen Park $ Akishima 3,280 ▼2 8
20 Latvia DiscGolfPark Mezaparks $ Riga 2,725 ▼2 7
21 Belgium Parc Du Bourdon Braine-l'Alleud 2,426 ▼2 6
22 Switzerland Milandia $ Greifensee 1,727 Yes ▲3 4
23 Slovenia Disc golf igrišče Stožice Ljubljana 1,589 ▲4 4
24 Singapore Kallang Riverside Park Singapore 1,527 4
25 South Africa Inanda Disc Golf Course $ Midrand 1,506 ▲3 4
26 Saudi Arabia Dhahran Sand & Oil Disc Golf Course Dharan 1,482 ▼5 4
27 Hungary Sportliget Budapest 1,389 ▲9 3
28 Italy Milano Lambro Milan 1,370 ▼8 3
29 France Forty Pignes $ Mimizan 1,264 Yes ▼6 3
30 Poland Jaśkowa Disc Golf Gdańsk 1,058 Yes 3
31 Portugal DiscGolfPark do Parque das Artes e Desporto Amadora 923 ▲3 2
32 Colombia JP2 - 20 Cestas Medellín 873 ▲1 2
33 Slovakia Rajecké Teplice Discgolf Course Rajecké Teplice 758 Yes ▼2 2
34 Lithuania Pučkoriai Vilnius 745 ▲3 2
35 Thailand Lanna Rocks Disc Golf Tambon Ban Pong 728 Yes ▲3 2
36 Myanmar Shwe Sar Yan $ Ohn Chaw 721 ▲6 2
37 South Korea Beacon Hill Camp Humphreys Pyeongtaek 623 ▼11 2
38 Belize Countryside Park Disc Golf $ Spanish Lookout 540 Yes ▲3 1
39 China Pudong Red Kiln (Shanghai) Shanghai 524 ▼3 1
40 Guatemala Monte María Disc Golf Course $ Santa Maria de Jesús 479 Yes ▲13 1
41 Luxembourg Parc um Belval Sanem 473 ▲3 1
42 Indonesia Hillcrest School Hinekombe 383 ▲12 1
43 Malaysia Lakes of Pelangi Indah Ulu Tiram 350 Yes ▼11 1
44 Qatar Al Udeid Air Base Abū Nakẖlah 313 ▲5 1
45 Honduras Roatan Disc Golf $ Keifitos Plantation 297 ▲23 1
46 U.S. Virgin Islands* Neptune’s Lookout Disc Golf Course Cruz Bay 286 Yes 1
47 Taiwan Xinhai Bridge Riverside Park New Taipei 266 Same course, new name 1
48 Bulgaria Otmanli 1.0 Atiya 261 ▲45 1
49 Guam* Andersen AFB Latte Stone Yigo 242 ▼4 1
50 Russia Palace Of Pioneers Moscow 205 Yes ▼10 1
51 Greece Disc Golf Greece Ilion 174 ▲16 <1
52 Phillipines Road to Demascus Amadeo 161 Yes ▲35 <1
53 Turkey The Titan Adana 151 ▼14 <1
54 Montenegro Trebjesa DiscGolfPark Niksic 139 New <1
55 Puerto Rico Almendros Disc Golf Course Vieques 137 ▲11 <1
56 Croatia Varaždin Vodovodna Varaždin 136 ▼6 <1
57 Nicaragua Gran Pacifica $ Gran Pacifica Resort 107 Yes ▲2 <1
58 Togo HBB Disc Golf Course Danyi N'Digbé 99 Yes ▲4 <1
59 United Arab Emirates Cam's Beach Ras Al-Khaimah 95 New <1
60 Svalbard and Jan Mayen* Longyearbyen Disc Golf Course Longyearbyen 93 New <1
61 Kosovo Bondsteel Woods Tërstenik 92 New <1
62 Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC MV Disc Golf Club Kolwezi 83 ▲29 <1
63 Morocco Tagharamt Ouarzazate Tarmigt 79 New <1
64 Papua New Guinea Lapilo Goroka 75 Yes ▼1 <1
65 Republic of the Congo Kobwaka Disc Golf Course Impfondo 69 ▼4 <1
66 Cambodia Siem Reap Disc Golf Course $ Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia 52 ▲25 <1
67 Costa Rica Parque La Libertad Patarrá 40 Yes ▼16 <1
68 Isle of Man Jurby Pop Up Course Jurby 35 ▼13 <1
69 Ireland Wildlands $ Ballyquirke 34 <1
70 Argentina La Mulita $ Tandil 32 Yes ▲5 <1
71 Uganda Paul McBeth Foundation - Katosi Course Katosi 30 New <1
72 Israel Park Eshkol Urim 25 ▼24 <1
72 Mauritius Bagatelle Golf Park Moka 25 ▲11 <1
74 Panama Guayacän Panama City
24 Yes ▼17 <1
75 Brazil Colinas Do Piracicaba Disc Golf Piracicaba 21 ▼10 <1
76 Zambia Eagles Wings - Macha Macha 16 ▼17 <1
77 Ukraine VDNH Park Kyiv 15 Yes ▼25 <1
77 Ethiopia ICS Addis Addis Ababa 15 Yes <1
79 Antarctica* Ross Island McMurdo Station 13 ▼9 <1
79 Niger Lizard Larry's Disc Golf Course @ AB 201 Niger Air Base 13 ▼7 <1
81 Uruguay Parque Andalucía Montevideo 9 Yes ▲2 <1
82 Faroe Islands* Disc Golf Vágur Vágur 8 New <1
83 Cayman Islands Fairbanks Field George Town 7 <1
84 Ecuador Black Sheep Inn Chucchilán 6 ▼4 <1
85 Uzbekistan TIS Disc Golf Course Тошкент 5 ▼2 <1
85 India Bombay Presidency Golf Club (BPGC) Mumbai 5 Yes ▼6 <1
87 The Bahamas GI 5 Matthew Town 3 Yes ▼4 <1
87 Kenya Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy Kiserian 3 New <1

*Places with this symbol are special cases that may not technically be countries.

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