The 11 Best Disc Golf Courses At Ski Areas

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Jun 22 • 21 min read

Many ski areas transform into destinations for warm-weather outdoor sports and leisure once their hills are powder-free. The slopes' elevation changes, wooded trails, and often picturesque scenery are all ingredients for fantastic disc golf, so it's no wonder the sport is an increasingly common and popular part of these seasonal make-overs. 

A disc golf basket with a yellow band in a mountain forest. Ski chairlifts hang above it.
Photo from the seasonal course at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in Colorado. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by caloso

Now you can find out which 11* disc golf courses at downhill ski areas are the best in the world according to disc golfers with UDisc, the world's #1 disc golf app that includes the largest directory of disc golf courses in existence.

*This post was originally a top 10. After publication, we discovered a qualifying course had not been labeled "ski area" in the UDisc directory. We decided to expand the list to a top 11, giving the qualifying course its due without costing a previously-highlighted course the limelight.

Ranking the Ski Area Disc Golf Courses

Here's how we came up with the rankings in this post:

  • How did you identify ski area disc golf courses?
    Disc golfers adding courses to the UDisc directory can tag them as certain types of property, e.g., private, public, camp, or military. Another property tag option is ski area. For this post, we identified every course with the ski area tag and ran the numbers to see where they ranked against each other based on ratings from disc golfers with UDisc (more on the math in the next bullet point). Once we had the rankings, we researched each course at the top of the list and created a top 10 that included only the courses at downhill ski areas that were available at least 120 days the previous year (2022).

    Keep in mind that any course not labeled "ski area" at the time we ran our search was not eligible for this list. 
  • How did you come up with the ski area disc golf course rankings?
    The rankings are based on a methodology that applied more weight to recent reviews, helped identify which courses with excellent but relatively few ratings are true destinations rather than just local faves, and accounted for the wide range of experience behind disc golfers' course ratings. Notably, due to this methodology, some courses that have higher average ratings in the UDisc Courses directory may be ranked below courses with lower average ratings.

    All courses were subject to the same metrics, and no course was moved up or down the rankings based on the preferences of UDisc staff.

    This is the same math we used to create the World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023.
  • Why is it limited to downhill ski areas?
    Often, those looking to play disc golf at a ski area want stunning mountain views and drastic elevation changes, and this post is meant to help those searching for that experience find the best places to have it. Downhill ski areas check those boxes much more often than cross-country ski areas.
  • Did you limit what part of the world the courses could be in?
    No. Disc golf courses at downhill ski areas all over the world were eligible.

The 11 Best Disc Golf Courses At Ski Areas

Hop on the lift and come with us to the peak as we count down the top 11 disc golf courses at ski areas:

11. Hidden Meadows Disc Golf Course: Mont du Lac Resort, Superior, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

A concrete disc golf tee pad in a wooded area pointing to an open, mown field
A tee at Hidden Meadows at Mont du Lac Resort. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by ericwestlund

Score: 76.21/100

Number of Holes: 18

Par: 61

Distance: 6,640 feet/2,024 meters

Tees: Concrete

Targets: Arroyo Vortex (Steel)

Fee: $14.99 per player per day (includes two other courses on property)

Course Established: 2018

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Hidden Meadows Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

In summer, Mont du Lac Resort in Northern Wisconsin is a disc golfer's paradise. Along with the Hidden Meadows course that made this top 10, the property offers two other tracks: White Cedar and Backwoods. These courses have helped make Superior one of the United States' top small towns for disc golf.

Three Reviews of Hidden Meadows From Disc Golfers on UDisc

Nice wooded technical course. Well taken care of and worth the hike up the hill. Or maybe just park at the top of the hill lol.
Great, challenging course. Favors the left to right shot shape. Control is much more important than distance here.
The rough is rough! Beautiful up here, well worth the time to play here!

 10. Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort Disc Golf Course: Vadito, New Mexico

The end of a disc golf tee pad (rubber) in front of a downhill fairway lined by trees with mountains rising int he distance
The tee of hole 18 at Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by rkdi21

Score: 76.53/100

Number of Holes: 20

Par: 60 (Pro, Advanced, and Recreational tees)

Distance:  6,412 feet/1,954 meters (Pro), 4,338 feet/1,322 meters (Advanced), 3,751 feet/1,143 meters (Recreational)

Tees: Rubber

Targets: Mach 3


Course Established: 1997

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

One of New Mexico's top five disc golf courses, Sipapu is the rare ski area course that's completely free to play. It takes you on a fun and rigorous hike with great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Expect a variety of shot shapes down fairways lined by trees and occasionally very thick rough.

Sipapu has three different tee locations on every hole to suit players with various levels of power. The local tip is to start on hole 20 near the lodge rather than hole 1.

Another bonus is that Sipapu has discs and refreshments for sale at the resort, so you can check out some plastic and relax a bit after your round(s).

Three Reviews of Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort From Disc Golfers on UDisc

This is one of my favorite courses! It definitely takes energy because there is a lot of elevation, but there are some beautiful holes. Hole 18 coming back down the mountain is a sight to be seen! Also, the shop usually has several choices of discs to buy. 
So much fun. Need to be good in wind and elevation. It’s a beautiful hike. It’s amazing!
Great course! Most of the holes are shorter, but more technical due to elevation changes and tighter lines through the woods. Definitely exhausting hiking this whole course, so bring plenty of water and snacks! Also very easy to lose discs if shots get too high and stuck in the pine branches. Be safe!

9. Disc Golf Allgäu: Bergbahnen Ofterschwang-Gunzesried, Ofterschwang, Germany

A disc golf basket with a stunning view of the alps behind
A stunning view of the Alps at Disc Golf Allgäu. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by bloke66dgachef

Score: 77.99/100

Number of Holes: 18

Par: 56

Distance:  4,701 feet/1,433 meters

Tees: Artificial turf laid on wooden platforms

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (Original)

Fee: €8 per player per round (half off for PDGA members). €6.50 for those under 18. Family price for two adults and up to three children is €28.

Course Established: 2009

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Disc Golf Allgäu on UDisc Courses

Located at the foot of the Alps in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Ofterschwang, Germany, has hosted numerous downhill races for International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) Ski World Cups. Disc Golf Allgäu has a very short winter course that's set up in view of the ski lifts and a big course for when the slopes are covered in grass instead of powder. At well over 4,000 feet/1,200 meters above sea level, this is the highest course in Germany. 

Along with magnificent views, the course is known for its wide variety of holes, cows with jingling bells who seasonally graze on some of the more open fairways, and friendly operator – U.K. native Paul Davies. The course boasts a disc golf shop that's open Thursday-Sunday, but you can often catch Davies there on other days leading groups or meeting up with visitors for a round. If you go at a time the shop isn't open, make sure to contact Davies before starting a round.

You can get to the course three ways:

  1. Driving up to the Berghof Hotel that's a short walk from the course (there's a road toll of €8)
  2. Taking the Weltcup Express (World Cup Express) chairlift to the mountain top and walking about 20 minutes to the course (€20.50 total takes you both up and down, service from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). You get a €2 discount on your round if you take the lift.
  3. Parking below and hiking 40 minutes to an hour to the course 

Three Reviews of Disc Golf Allgäu From Disc Golfers on UDisc

An incredibly beautiful course with fantastic, panoramic views of the Alps. Appropriately mountainous and challenging with a wide variety of holes – you should have a spotter on a few holes...or just play safe ;) Afterwards have a nice beer with Paul in the caddyshack. Definitely recommended as a trip destination!*

*Translated from German
A very pretty course. Super diverse. Watching discs sail into the valley (or roll when things go badly) is the best ;) Sturdy shoes with tread are advisable, you'll be covering lots of meters of elevation during a round. The new tee pads are all great.*

*Translated from German
Breathtaking scenery: check. Good mix of open, wooded, straight, dogleg, uphill and downhill holes: check. Immaculate tee pads: check. Adequate signage: check. A smattering of whimsical obstacles: check. Friendly, humorous and down-to-earth caddyshack dude: check. Such a fun and memorable course—well worth a visit.

8. The Hill Disc Golf Course: Hanson Hills Recreation Area, Grayling, Michigan, U.S.A.

A concrete disc golf tee pad leads to a fairway with leafy green trees on both sides
A tee and fairway at Hanson Hills - The Hill . Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by shuochengjiang

Score: 78.47/100

Number of Holes: 24 with all alternates, 19 without

Par: 75 (24-hole), 60 (19-hole)

Distance: 8,802 feet/2,683 meters (24-hole), 6,073 feet/1,851 meters (19-hole)

Tees: Concrete

Targets: ChainStar Pro

Fee: Recommended $2 per day donation

Course Established: 2011

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Hanson Hills - The Hill on UDisc Courses

Grayling, Michigan's Hanson Hills Recereation Area has two disc golf courses: The Hill that plays through the downhill skiing area and the much flatter Pine Knoll. Both are well-rated on UDisc, but The Hill's elevation changes seem to enchant players just a bit more. Of course, you can just play both and decide on your personal favorite while you're there. 

You'll need a full bag to tackle The Hill as it has fairways tight and broad, short and long, uphill and downhill. Keep in mind that The Hill is designed for experienced players, so it's probably not a great choice for playing with children or brand new players. 

Three Reviews of Hanson Hills - The Hill From Disc Golfers on UDisc

Probably the best northern Michigan course I’ve played. VERY hilly – be ready for a workout. Scenic, great variety of shots, highly recommend playing the 5 “extra” holes. Not very cart-friendly despite what the listing says (the Pine Knoll course next door is). 
Very good course, well maintained and championship level. Very similar to toboggan in hole designs. Signage needs a little work, but overall great course. 
Great mix of holes and challenging. Many elevation changes throughout the course. Don't forget the water and don't underestimate this course! Walk out some of the holes if it's your first time through or just play safely. Solo rounds (24 holes) can be anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half. Group rounds can be upwards or three or four.

7. Donner Ski Ranch Disc Golf Course: Donner Ski Ranch, Truckee, California, U.S.A.

View of a lake and cloud-cover on mountains
The views from the fairways at Donner Ski Ranch are little bit better than "fair." Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by berrberr1191

Score: 78.81/100

Number of Holes: 18

Par: 56

Distance: 5,546 feet/1,690 meters

Tees: Rubber

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (Original)

Fee: Free, but you have to sign a waiver at Old 40 Bar & Grill before playing

Course Established: 2018

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Donner Ski Ranch Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Not far from Lake Tahoe, Donner Ski Ranch is in a gem of a location with mesmerizing vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range throughout. The course helped Truckee make our list of Top 5 Disc Golf Small Towns. 

Donner doesn't call for a ton of power, but its elevation changes, mix of tighter and more open fairways, as well as frequently windy conditions will keep you on your toes. Expect baskets perched on ledges that create the potential for some serious roll-aways, too.

Three Reviews of Donner Ski Ranch From Disc Golfers on UDisc

One of the best courses I have played. Fairly easy at the start but picks up nicely towards the back 9. Course is good, but the view and area is without a doubt among the most awe-inspiring local[e]s for disc in the area
Nice variety of shots with gaps and elevation changes. Use a spotter on hole 16. Can be tricky
Mosquitos are bad. Bring bug spray. UDisc makes navigation easy. Helpful to have a spotter on some holes 

6. Black Diamond Disc Golf Course: Emery Park, South Wales, New York, U.S.A.

End of a turf disc golf tee pad leads to a wooded fairway in fall colors
A perfect fall day for disc golf at the Black Diamond at Emery Park. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by drincheiny13

Score: 79.29/100

Number of Holes: 18

Par: 67 (Red Tees), 68 (White Tees), 73 (Blue Tees), 73 (Gold Tees)

Distance:  5,892 feet/1,796 meters (Red); 8,017 feet/2,444 meters (White); 9,496 feet/2,894 meters (Blue); 10,865 feet/3,312 meters (Gold)

Tees: Artificial turf (Gold, White) and natural ground (Red, Blue)

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (28-chain)

Fee: Free

Course Established: 2008

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Black Diamond Disc Golf Course at Emery Park on UDisc Courses

Erie Park is almost 100 years old and covers nearly 460 acres/186 hectares. It's used year-round for a variety of activities (seasonal ones like downhill skiing and other winter sports included), and it started offering disc golf about fifteen years ago.

One of Black Diamond's UDisc Course Ambassadors, Matthew Hess, talked to us about the layout and the lovely surroundings disc golfers can expect as they make their way through the track.

"The course is pretty evenly split between dense woods and park style golf," Hess said. "The front nine is more heavily wooded and the back has longer, more open holes. The park landscape is beautiful. It has a creek, two ravines, and four waterfalls that players can see throughout their round. From hole 1, the view of the opposing hill in the fall is great for pictures and leaf peeping. There are many stone structures that are around 100 years old throughout the course from when the park was built by the Works Progress Administration."

Though the course has four layouts, only two of them (White and Gold) have permanent tee pads. If you decide to take the Gold tees on, Hess said to expect a layout that's "the hardest in western New York."

Three Reviews of Black Diamond at Emery Park From Disc Golfers on UDisc

This course is a MONSTER! One of the bigger/better courses I’ve played across the country. Would love to see some money put into the course in the form of better tee signage, more garbage cans, and newer baskets but the layout is phenomenal.
With slightly better maintenance, quite possibly a top course in the nation. Extremely challenging front nine with serious undulations and heavy wooded areas. A more scoreable back 9 with just as phenomenal views but much more open. A true journey for any serious disk player who dares to plot there way through this beast of a track. 
Beautiful course, and yes it's challenging with the elevations.. hole 14 is so pretty though and water/ creek comes into play on a few holes here as well.. this park is just very well taken care of.. Beautiful here

5. Hickory Hills Disc Golf Course: Hickory Hills Recreation Area, Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A.

A concrete disc golf tee pad with a shoulder disc bag on it. The tee is for a wooded fairway lined by green-leaved trees
A tight fairway at Hickory Hills Disc Golf Course. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by zachtownsend

Score: 80.33/100

Number of Holes: 23, but all layouts use just 18

Par: 55 (White Tees), 59 (Blue Tees)

Distance: 5,794 feet/1,766 meters (White), 7,686 feet/2,343 meters (Blue)

Tees: Concrete

Targets: DISCatcher Pro (28-chain)

Fee: Free

Course Established: 1999

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Hickory Hills Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Playing Hickory Hills Disc Golf Course will take you up, down, and across a hill used for downhill skiing at Traverse, Michigan's Hickory Hills Recreation Area. There are two layouts, both of which are meant for experienced players though one (White) plays easier than the other (Blue). Expect plenty of elevation and a blend of tightly wooded and more open fairways.

Three Reviews of Hickory Hills From Disc Golfers on UDisc

My favorite course in Michigan! It challenged me in so many levels, this is definitely a intermediate-advanced course. The views are great as well.
Suuuuuper hilly. They weren't lying when they said be prepared for a hike. But if you're not in a hurry, you'll be fine! Beautiful views, challenging holes, overall a great time! Bring water and maybe a snack.
One of the most beautiful courses around, but not for the faint of heart. Major elevation changes, steep hills, and woods will challenge even the best players. Very punishing course if you throw a bad shot. Great exercise though

4. Sky High Disc Golf Course at Mountain High North: Mountain High Resort, Llano, California, U.S.A.

A disc golf basket with an expansive view behind it
Focus on the basket and don't get vertigo at Sky High Mountain Disc Golf Course. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by 1ramsfan

Score: 81.74/100

Number of Holes: 27

Par: 81

Distance: 7,234 feet/2,205 meters

Tees: Rubber, Concrete, Asphalt

Targets: DISCatcher Pro

Fee: $19 for a 27-hole round

Course Established: 1999

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Sky High at Mountain High North on UDisc Courses

About one and half hour's drive from downtown Los Angeles in the Angeles National Forest is where you'll find Sky High Disc Golf Course. Thanks in part to its proximity to the City of Angels, Mountain High Resort is SoCal's most popular skiing destination in the winter, and it has offered disc golf in the summer for almost a quarter century now.

Sky High was originally designed by Dave Dunipace – a co-founder of Innova, one of the oldest and biggest disc golf equipment makers – and its 27 holes can be played in a wide variety of combinations to suit players at most any level.

You can check out the course and its spectacular views a bit for yourself in this video from Mountain High Resort:

Three Reviews of Sky High at Mountain High North From Disc Golfers on UDisc

Fantastic course on a mountain and about a one hour drive (if no traffic) from L.A. area. 27 holes with three nice, distinct sections. One huge, epic downhill hole and many others to test your arm. It's on a mountain, so pretty much what you'd expect with trees etc. Lots of up and down so you'll definitely get your exercise! Nice burger/sandwich place that sells discs etc. make it pretty perfect for summer.
The best course I've played in SoCal. I didn't have any issues with the rubber pads being dusty or uneven. The baskets caught extremely well, despite what I heard from others who play the course regularly. Only one pad was covered in half by snow, not a big deal. Had a lot of fun!
Pretty spectacular. Be prepared for the hike!

3. Solitude Mountain Resort Disc Golf Course: Solitude Mountain Resort, Brighton, Utah, U.S.A.

A rubber disc golf tee pad an a view of mountains with trees tinged in fall yellow
Solitude Mountain Disc Golf Course changing to a fall yellow. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by netzley9

Score: 84.04/100

Number of Holes: Layouts of 27, 18, and 9 holes available

Par: 86 (27 holes), 54 (18 holes), 27 (9 holes)

Distance:  11,629 feet/3,545 meters (27); 6,872 feet/2,082 meters (18); 3,865 feet/1,123 meters (9)

Tees: Rubber

Targets: Mach III

Fee: Free with optional $15 lift pass to hole 1

Course Established: 2001

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Solitude Mountain Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Solitude Mountain Resort's course ranks among the top five places to play disc golf in all of Utah. At 9,000 feet/2,743 meters above sea level, the air up there will feel very different for the majority of disc golfers, and your discs' flight patterns will show it. At high elevations, disc tend to be more overstable, so that beat in driver you always throw for hyzer flips might keep the hyzer and lose the flip when you toss it at Solitude.

There are three layouts. One is a traditional 18 that's all par 3s, but seven of the holes are over 400 feet/122 meters, including the extremely downhill, 644-foot/196-meter hole 18.

Those who opt for the 27-hole layout will have quite a bit more hiking (the equivalent of walking about 25 more floors up and down stairs), but they'll get to enjoy a few par 4s and – because the designers just knew disc golfers would want it – an even longer version of the final hole: the ludicrous-sounding 1,017-foot/310-meter, par 3 hole 27. 

Those looking for a bit less of a workout can do a nine-hole loop, which is way heavier on the downhill walking than the uphill. Don't worry, though, the nine-hole has the same insane finisher as the 27-hole layout.

Expect consistently great views and fairly broad fairways as you hike through whichever configuration you choose. Know that in spite of its name, Solitude Mountain is best played with company. The mountain vegetation makes for thick rough, and having a buddy or two to help with spotting drives could save you a trip to the disc golf shop.

Three Reviews of Solitude Mountain From Disc Golfers on UDisc

A hoot to play and should be on every disc golfer's bucket list. I hiked to hole 1 which was about 1 mile and 800' up. Not bad, but I live in SLC. If you are visiting from a lower elevation, the lift is worth it to avoid possible altitude health issues, plus it's fun. I brought some beater, understable discs for the first few holes until I got used to flight dynamics of these mountain holes. Easy to put a move on your usual driver only to watch fly down the mountain never to be seen again.
For those who want to escape the confines of boring and unchallenging ol' city park courses and explore the demanding yet rewarding style of play that is mountain disc golf. Solitude is for you.  
This is an absolutely amazing mountain course. A few words of advice. 1. Bring bright discs and have a spotter. 2. Have water. It's a long course. 3. If you need to hike in, start from Brighton (silver lake parking lot). Epic.

2. Arapahoe Basin Disc Golf Course: Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, Keystone, Colorado, U.S.A.

A man putting a disc golf disc with a dramatic backdrop of a rock face in the Rocky Mountains
 Dramatic Rocky Mountain scenery is the norm at Arapahoe Basin Disc Golf Course. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by supereverything

Score: 84.29/100

Number of Holes: 20

Par: 60

Distance: 5,219 feet/1,591 meters

Tees: Dirt

Targets: DISCatcher Pro

Fee: Free

Course Established: 2018

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Arapahoe Basin Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

Arapahoe Basin is the highest course in this top 10. lt takes players on a remarkable journey through the Rocky Mountains beginning with a hole that sits at around 11,000 feet/3,200 meters above sea level. Those rules about disc stability at high elevations we just mentioned in #3 Solitude Mountain's write-up are even more true here. 

We've covered the origin story of A-Basin (as it's often called) at length in a post called "Disc Golf Hits The Slopes During Skiing Off-Season." Give it a read to find out how the ski area's Lift Operations Manager convinced A-Basin's higher-ups to let him put in a course that's become one of the top five places to play disc golf in Colorado and draws a constant stream of summer visitors.

Notably, the course is in a protected high-elevation environment, and its design had to be approved by the U.S. Forest Service before it went in. It plays through and along trails that pre-date the disc golf course, so its construction had very limited impact on the delicate and beautiful environment it invites disc golfers to enjoy.

Three Reviews of Arapahoe Basin From Disc Golfers on UDisc

It gets no better! It’s a day of hiking with the most beautiful views a disc golfer could dream of. Waterfalls, rivers; flowers. Mountain peaks, it’s all there. Great, thoughtful course from the people who understand a guest experience better than most. The legend!
Beautiful course and loved the design! I think it was a great idea to create a layout with very little uphill shots, even if that meant some hiking between holes. Great mix of wooded holes, large fairways lined with trees, and open shots as well. For me personally, I thought the course was a good difficulty level, but I could see others wanting more of a challenge.
After playing all the top rated courses in Colorado, this mountain course at A-Basin tops all of them. Stunning views everywhere you look, great signage, DisCatcher baskets, well-kept fairways, and gorgeous bomber holes. It was a long hike, but a beautiful one. there might be a few short holes (200 ft) but elevation changes and lines marked by trees make these beautiful holes challenging. Recommend for intermediate to advanced players.

1. Brewster Ridge and Fox Run Meadows Disc Golf Courses: Smugglers' Notch Resort, Jeffersonville, Vermont, U.S.A.

A disc golf basket in front of a body of water and mountains with trees in fall colors
The blend of disc golf and Vermont fall at Smugglers' Notch Resort is one of the best combinations in the sport. Photo from Fox Run Meadows uploaded to UDisc Courses by andrewpastoor


Score: 95.23

Number of Holes:

61 (Red, White, Blue, and Gold Tees)

Distance: 3,205 feet/977 meters (Red); 4,735 feet/1,443 meters (White); 6,561 feet/2,000 meters (Blue), 7,997 feet/2,438 meters (Gold)

Brick pavers (Gold, Blue), rubber mats, gravel

ChainStar Pro

$10 midweek, $12 weekend per round per person with online booking. $12 midweek, $15 weekend in person

Course Established:

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: 
Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses


Score: 94.49

Number of Holes: 18

Par: 63 (Red, White, Blue, and Gold Tees)

Distance: 4,570 feet/1,393 meters (Red); 6,175 feet/1,882 meters (White); 8,453 feet/2,577 meters (Blue); 9,426 feet/2,873 meters (Gold)

Tees: Artificial turf (White, Blue, Gold), rubber mats, grass, gravel

Targets: Mach VII

Fee: $10 midweek, $12 weekend per round per person with online booking. $12 midweek, $15 weekend in person

Course Established: 2015

Availability, photos, layouts, current course conditions, and more: Fox Run Meadows Disc Golf Course on UDisc Courses

We opted to give the two world class courses at Smugglers' Notch in Vermont's Green Mountains a tied first place. You can't find a better set of disc golf courses at one facility anywhere in the world – and we're not exaggerating. Brewster Ridge ranked #4 in our 2023 list of the World's Best Disc Golf Courses and Fox Run came in at #7. No other place has two courses that outrank that combo.

Brewster and Fox Run offer two very different experiences, with the former testing players' accuracy in the woods and the latter asking for bigger shots on more open fairways. Smugglers' Notch added disc golf to their offerings with the express goal to become one of the world's premier destinations for the sport, and their dedication to that hasn't wavered. The courses are impeccably maintained and there are upgrades and improvements happening constantly. The tracks will host their second Professional Disc Golf World Championships in 2023, so they'll likely be looking even more stunning than usual this year as the resort crew prepares them for the sport's most important competition.

Learn more about both of these slices of New England disc golf paradise in our in-depth feature posts "World's Best Disc Golf Courses: #4 Brewster Ridge" and "World's Best Disc Golf Courses: #7 Fox Run Meadows."

Three Reviews of Brewster Ridge and Fox Run Meadows From Disc Golfers on UDisc

Technical course mostly in the woods, with some open areas. Plenty of signage and clear trails. Blue and Gold tees have new pavers real nice, white and red tees made of gravel and are kinda chewed up. Excellent diversity of shots that are sure to challenge all levels. The pro shop rocks. 
herbcraft on Brewster Ridge
Wonderful course with nice pro shop. This is a long course and very challenging. This is a bucket list for sure
mikerayburne on Fox Run Meadows
On Brewster Ridge: The course is about as beautiful as they come! That with the added difficulty and amenities puts it at one of the top courses I have ever played! 

On Fox Run: Gorgeous links style course with great views and open fields. The distance and ob on this one will keep your score in check, so enjoy the walk and views while tossing a disc!

Think We Missed Something?

If there's a fantastic disc golf course at a downhill ski area you think we missed, feel free to check if it's in the UDisc disc golf course directory and labeled "Ski Area." If it's not, here's how to add a course to UDisc.

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