The World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023: #1-#100

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There are over 14,000 disc golf courses in the world, but which of them are the world's best disc golf courses? Here, you'll find out in our annual rankings based on millions of ratings from disc golfers with the UDisc app who've played rounds all over the planet – from the northern reaches of Svalbard to way down in Antarctica.

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Finding & Ranking the World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023

A disc golf tee pad in front of a fairway that drops down to a green area with Christmas trees and also water
Photo of Maple Hill's hole 1 uploaded to UDisc Courses by amandahardy. We added the #1 and nifty ribbon to it since Maple Hill is 2023's World's Best Disc Golf Course.

If you're curious about how we created the rankings, here are the basics:

  • How did you find all the courses?
    Thanks to disc golfers across the world, UDisc Courses is the most comprehensive and frequently updated disc golf course directory in existence. The vast majority of courses in the directory were eligible to be ranked among the world's best.
  • What disc golf courses weren't eligible to be ranked among the world's best?
    Courses that were available for play for less than 120 days in 2022 and courses designed for extremely short-range practice (i.e., courses that are essentially mini golf for disc golfers) were excluded from the rankings.
  • How did you create the rankings?
    2023's World's Best Disc Golf Courses rankings are based on a methodology that applies more weight to recent reviews and helps identify which courses with excellent but relatively few ratings are true destinations rather than just local faves. Always interested in improving, we've worked to enhance how well this year's ranking system accounts for the wide range of experience behind disc golfers' course ratings.

    Notably, due to this methodology, some courses that have higher average ratings in the UDisc Courses directory may be ranked below courses with lower average ratings due to rating norms in different regions and other factors.

    All courses were subject to the same metrics, and no course was moved up or down the rankings based on the preferences of UDisc staff.

Top 10 Disc Golf Courses in the World: 2023

  1. Maple Hill Disc Golf Course, Leicester, Massachusetts
  2. Krokhol Disc Golf Course, Siggerud, Norway
  3. Skellefteå Discgolf Terminalen, Skellefteå, Sweden
  4. Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course, Smugglers' Notch Resort, Vermont
  5. Caliber Disc Golf Course, Sandpoint, Idaho
  6. Eagles Crossing Disc Golf Course, Hawk Point, Missouri
  7. Fox Run Meadows, Smugglers' Notch Resort, Vermont
  8. Blue Ribbon Pines, East Bethel, Minnesota
  9. Järva Disc Golf Park, Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Kippasuo Pro at Heinola DiscGolfPark World, Heinola, Finland

Tap or click above for engaging looks at the history of any course, what it's like to play, signature hole, and recent upgrades.

Which U.S. States Have the Most Top Disc Golf Courses?

There are 31 U.S. states with at least one course in the World's Best Disc Golf Courses top 100 in 2023, but these five have the most:

Rank State Courses in World's Best Disc Golf Courses: #1-#100 Average Course Rank in Top 100
1 Wisconsin 8 77
2 North Carolina 7 51
T3 Virginia 6 40
T3 Minnesota 6 55
T3 Georgia 6 46

It's of course an accomplishment for any disc golf course to make it into the world's top 100. Still, it's interesting to note that the state with the most top 100 courses, Wisconsin, is also the only state in the table above with fewer than three courses in the top 50. In fact, it has just one...and it's ranked 50th.

Non-U.S. Representation in the World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023

Though there are by far more disc golf courses in the U.S. than in any other country, 16 of 2023's World's Best Disc Golf Courses are located in other nations. Two are in North American neighbor Canada, and the others are in northern Europe: Sweden (8), Finland (3), Norway (2), and Denmark (1). Notably, among Europe's best courses are four of the planet's top 10 disc golf courses for this year.

Well-mown open, grassy disc golf fairway
The new team behind Sweden's Ale Disc Golf Center hopes to have the formerly-closed course back up to its old standards in 2023. Photo of hole 10 on Ale's White course from 2020 uploaded by jonasgr.

We highly expect Europe will add at least two courses to its top 100 tally next year thanks to the reopening of Ale Disc Golf Center in Sweden, which was in the 2020 World's Best Disc Golf Courses top 10 before closing in early 2021. Thanks to new ownership and a successful Kickstarter aimed at revitalization of Ale's multiple courses, the complex's two longer tracks have great shots at popping up in 2024's rankings.

Speaking of Ale, one of its original designers and founders, Camila Jernberg, designed a course following Ale's closing called Upsatorp that made it into this year's top 100.

Pay-to-Play Vs. Free Disc Golf Courses

There are 61 courses in the top 100 of 2023's World's Best Disc Golf Courses that either charge mandatory fees (56), have fees associated with them for things like parking or park entry (2), or strongly encourage donations (3). The prevalence of pay-to-play courses in the top 100 is in stark contrast to how the vast majority of disc golf courses – over 90% – are completely free.

A sign informing people they have to pay to play disc golf here
A sign at Minnesota's Bryant Lake Park uploaded to UDisc Course by kupapa

It's amazing that ever-more pay-to-play disc golf courses can sustain themselves by providing spaces exclusively reserved for disc golf. Still, it's also important to note how much most private courses owe to all the free ones. The free courses are where the majority of people find and fall in love with the sport. Being able to play so many rounds for nothing also helps make the pay-to-play courses feel like a special treat.

A disc golf fariways lined by young trees with view of lake in distance
A lovely view on the tee of hole 10 at Minnesota's Bryant Lake. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by ericwestlund

With all the advantages most private courses have – the ability to cut grass, improve fairways, move pins, etc. without needing local government's approval – it's sort of remarkable that nearly 40 completely free courses made the top 100. Clearly, there's still a strong volunteer ethic within the disc golf community, and disc golf groups across the country are donating a truly stunning amount of time, effort, and resources to make their local free courses special places.

Resources for Disc Golf Course Building

Do you think you have the perfect place to create a future contender for the World's Best Disc Golf Courses top 100? Awesome. We want to give you relevant stats from your area to help make your pitch to local decision-makers as strong as possible. Contact us at to get information like play counts at local courses or in areas similar to your own.

People at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a disc golf course
The opening of North Bluff Disc Golf Course in Gladstone, Michigan, which is now one of the world's top 100 disc golf courses. Photo courtesy of Noc Bay Flyers Disc Golf Club

Here are other resources that might help, too:

What to Know Before Reading the World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023 Rankings

  • Mobile and tablet users can swipe left/right on the table to see all columns.
  • You can see photos, reviews, availability, and more of any course in the table by just tapping or clicking its name, which is linked to its UDisc Courses page.
  • A green dollar sign ($) under "Fee?" means a course is a traditional pay-to-play.
  • A light gray dollar sign ($) means that a course is technically free to play but donations are encouraged.
  • A blue dollar sign ($) means that there is a fee associated with playing a course that isn't directly related to disc golf. Examples include parks (city, county, state) that charge entry fees no matter what activity park-goers plan to do and parking fees. 
  • No dollar sign means a course is free to play.

The World's Best Disc Golf Courses 2023: #1-#100

Rank Course Name City State/Province Country Fee?
1 Maple Hill  Leicester Massachusetts U.S.A. $
2 Krokhol Disc Golf Course  Siggerud (near Oslo) N/A Norway $
3 Skellefteå Discgolf Terminalen Skellefteå N/A Sweden $
4 Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course  Smugglers' Notch Resort Vermont U.S.A. $
5 Caliber Disc Golf Course  Sandpoint Idaho U.S.A. $
6 Eagles Crossing  Hawk Point Missouri U.S.A. $
7 Fox Run Meadows  Smugglers' Notch Resort Vermont U.S.A. $
8 Blue Ribbon Pines  East Bethel Minnesota U.S.A. $
9 Järva Disc Golf Park Stockholm N/A Sweden $
10 Kippasuo Pro DiscGolfPark at Heinola DiscGolfPark World  Heinola N/A Finland $
11 International Disc Golf Center – WR Jackson Memorial Appling Georgia U.S.A. $
12 Lake Marshall - Lions Montross Virginia U.S.A. $
13 Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf  Bonshaw Prince Edward Island Canada $
14 Faylor Lake DiscGolfPark Beaver Springs  Pennsylvania U.S.A.
15 Flip City Disc Golf Park Shelby Michigan U.S.A. $
16 Wildcat Bluff Vinton Iowa U.S.A.
17 Øverås Diskgolfpark  Vestnes N/A Norway $
18 Harmony Bends Columbia  Missouri U.S.A.
19 Cannon Ridge Fredericksburg Virginia U.S.A.
20 Idlewild Burlington Kentucky U.S.A.
21 Hobb's Farm Disc Golf Carrollton Georgia U.S.A.
22 THE Diavolo DGC @ New Hope Park  Cary North Carolina U.S.A.
23 Sugaree Newland North Carolina U.S.A. $
24 Lakeview Disc Golf Course at Moraine State Park Portersville Pennsylvania U.S.A.
25 The Canyons at Dellwood Park Lockport Illinois U.S.A.
26 Puijo DiscGolf Kuopio N/A Finland
27 Persimmon Ridge Disc Golf Course  Greenbrier Arkansas U.S.A. $
28 Harmon Hills Limestone Tennessee U.S.A. $
29 New London Tech Disc Golf Course Forest Virginia U.S.A.
30 Lundbyparken Enköping N/A Sweden $
31 Upsatorp Nol
N/A Sweden $
32 Bryant Lake Park Eden Prairie Minnesota U.S.A. $
33 The Fort Ogden Utah U.S.A. $
34 Airborn Disc Golf Preserve: Timberwolf Clearwater Minnesota U.S.A. $
35 Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course Conifer Colorado  U.S.A. $
36 Milo McIver Estacada Oregon U.S.A. $
37 International Disc Golf Center – Steady Ed Headrick Memorial Appling Georgia U.S.A. $
38 Bear Mountain Bailey Colorado U.S.A. $
39 Stafford Woods Vorhees Township New Jersey U.S.A.
40 Mayflower Hills Roanoke Virginia U.S.A. $
41 North Cove Disc Golf: Boulders Marion North Carolina U.S.A. $
42 Ymergårdens Discgolfcenter - Gold Course Brämhult N/A Sweden $
43 Neatman Creek Germanton North Carolina U.S.A. $
44 Northwood Park Disc Golf Course - Black Morton Illinois U.S.A.
45 Sabattus Disc Golf - Hawk Sabattus Maine U.S.A. $
46 Häfla Bruks DiscGolfPark Rejmyre N/A Sweden $
47 Deer Lakes Park Tarentum Pennsylvania U.S.A.
48 North Georgia Canopy Tours Lula Georgia U.S.A. $
49 DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course Santa Cruz California U.S.A. $
50 Sandy Point Disc Golf Ranch Lac du Flambeau Wisconsin U.S.A. $
51 North Bluff Gladstone Michigan U.S.A.
52 Echo Valley Disc Golf Course Waynesville Ohio U.S.A.
53 Rolling Pines North Wilkesboro North Carolina U.S.A.
54 Kudzu Cove Cabins Guntersville Alabama U.S.A.
55 Bud Hill Memphis Tennessee U.S.A. $
56 Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park Langley Township British Columbia Canada
57 Muddy Run Disc Golf Course Holtwood Pennsylvania U.S.A.
58 Fålehagen DiscGolfPark Motala N/A Sweden
59 Base Camp Adventure Moab Utah U.S.A. $
60 Mahr Park - Championship Madisonville Kentucky U.S.A.
61 Standing Rocks Stevens Point Wisconsin U.S.A. $
62 The Hideaway Disc Golf Course Terrell Texas U.S.A. $
63 Hunts Hideaway Otisville Michigan U.S.A. $
64 Renegade's Trail Delhi Charter Township Michigan U.S.A. $
65 The Farm at Quail Valley Winfield Kansas U.S.A. $
66 Bond Lake Disc Golf Course Ransomville New York U.S.A.
67 Sugar Hollow Bristol Virginia U.S.A.
68 Sabattus Disc Golf - Eagle Sabattus Maine U.S.A. $
69 Chain's Edge - Green Ogilvie Minnesota U.S.A. $
70 Parc des Familles Disc Golf Course Marrero Louisiana U.S.A.
71 Lake Marshall - Lair Montross Virginia U.S.A. $
72 Little Mulberry Park Dacula Georgia U.S.A.
73 Dino Hills Disc Golf Farm - Full 18 Glen Rose Texas U.S.A. $
74 Wilderness Montello Wisconsin U.S.A.
75 BC3 Disc Golf Nashville Indiana U.S.A. $
76 Tjader Acres Siren Wisconsin U.S.A. $
77 Sabattus Disc Golf - Falcon Sabattus Maine U.S.A. $
78 Twisted Cedars Disc Golf Course Cokedale Colorado U.S.A.
79 Momhøje Discgolf Kibæk N/A Denmark
80 Silver Creek Park Manitowoc Wisconsin U.S.A.
81 Lake Claiborne State Park - Whitetail Homer Louisiana U.S.A. $
82 Alviken Västervik N/A Sweden $
83 Caesar Ford Park - Championship Xenia Ohio U.S.A.
84 Brooktrails Willits California U.S.A. $
85 Westside Disc Golf Course Rocky Face Georgia U.S.A.
86 Hornets Nest Park Charlotte North Carolina U.S.A.
87 Kayak Point - Red Stanwood Washington U.S.A. $
88 Whistler's Bend Roseburg Oregon U.S.A.
89 Rookery Run Rhinelander
Wisconsin U.S.A.
90 Chain's Edge - Red Ogilvie
Minnesota U.S.A. $
91 Pickard Park Indianola Iowa U.S.A.
92 Ashe County Park Jefferson North Carolina U.S.A.
93 Hiittenharju DiscGolfPark Harjavalta N/A Finland
94 Blueberry Hill Highbridge
Wisconsin U.S.A. $
95 Rollin Ridge Reedsville Wisconsin U.S.A. $
96 Tom Brown Park Disc Golf Course Tallahassee Florida U.S.A.
97 Airborn Disc Golf Preserve: Lynx Clearwater Minnesota U.S.A. $
98 Disc Side of Heaven Jonesboro Arkansas U.S.A. $
99 Oggwood Cedar Hill Tennessee U.S.A.
100 Mauka Disc Golf Princeville Hawaii U.S.A. $

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