Best Disc Golf Disc Brands According To Everyday Players

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May 4, 2022 • 6 min read
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Last year, we created a survey that let disc golfers with the UDisc disc golf app share their opinions on a variety of disc golf topics, and one section focused on disc golf disc brands. Here you can find out how thousands of disc golfers rated the plastic quality, mold consistency, and availability of brands along with other related topics.

How Did the Survey Work?

We asked survey takers to rate popular disc brands in a few areas on a scale of 0 to 4:

  • 0: Poor
  • 1: Below average
  • 2: Average
  • 3: Above average
  • 4: Excellent

Participants could also opt for "No Opinion" or simply skip the question.

In sections below, you'll see which brands ended up in the top five of different categories ranked by average score ("no opinion" answers weren't considered in the averages in any way). We've also included the percentages of people who gave the brands either a 3 or 4 in the category as well as those who offered no opinion so you'll have a bit more context about the overall average.

Note that though this survey was available to anyone with the UDisc app, the people who spent their free time completing it were, unsurprisingly, more into the sport than most. We know that because most of the participants had far above the average number of rounds logged in UDisc. That means the results you'll see below are based on the opinions of people who spend more time with discs in their hands than the typical player.

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Best Disc Golf Plastic: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating %
No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 Kastaplast 3.59/4 60.68% 33.16%
2 MVP 3.35/4 60.01% 28.85%
3 Latitude 64° 3.32/4 58.58% 29.31%
4 Discraft 3.3/4 65.50% 22.09%
5 Innova 3.29/4 70.02% 14.50%

Kastaplast is known as a cult favorite brand, and the results of our survey backed up that reputation. You can break down 94% of the responses to Kastaplast's plastic quality this way: 61% of survey takers gave it 3s and 4s, and about 33% said they had no opinion. One possible interpretation of that result? There are mostly two types of disc golfers – those who love Kastaplast's plastics, and those who've never tried them.

It's worth mentioning that #3 in this category, Latitude 64°, became a co-owner of Kastaplast in 2022, but Latitude has said that new discs produced through this partnership will maintain "the plastic and the overall feel" Kastaplast fans have come to love.

Also of note is that Innova and Discraft had, respectively, the highest and second highest percentages of combined "Excellent" and "Above Average" ratings of any brands in the top five of plastic quality by average score. Those two brands were the ones the largest number of respondents were familiar with, too. Though it's just conjecture, it's certainly possible that some of the less-stellar ratings that dropped these two disc golf giants down the rankings stem from knee-jerk distaste for anything that's über-popular (and/or disc golfer loyalty to certain brands).

Ultimately, you're not likely to be disappointed by the quality of plastic you get from any of the brands in the table above.

Best Mold Consistency in Disc Golf: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 MVP 3.3/4 54.33% 35.13%
2 Kastaplast 3.29/4 47.11% 42.38%
3 Latitude 64° 3.21/4 52.96% 34.48%
4 Discraft 3.19/4 57.05% 28.52%
5 Westside 3.01/4 39.07% 43.91%

When disc golfers talk about "consistency" from a manufacturer, they're referring to how much they can rely on new discs of the same mold in the same plastic and weight to fly the same way. This is important when players lose discs or when discs beat in and their flight patterns alter (frequently-used discs tend to get more understable over time).

For example, let's take a disc from the brand with the top average score in consistency from our survey results, MVP. The company has a putter called the Ion that they produce in a variety of plastics. Let's say you buy an Ion in MVP's recycled plastic line, R2, and it flies just as MVP says it should: fairly straight with a little bit of fade at the end. You love your MVP Ion in R2 plastic, but one day you lose it. Obviously, you want to be able to buy another MVP Ion in R2 plastic that flies just like your old one did.

And, given MVP's high marks for consistency in our survey, you're fairly likely to get your wish.

Still, there's a marked drop in the percentage of top ratings in this category, which indicates how difficult it is to get hot plastic to set in the exact same way every single time you put it in a mold.

One other interesting thing about the brands in this list is that as of 2022, three of the top five are manufactured and fully or partially owned by Latitude 64° (the other two are Kastaplast and Westside).

Best Disc Golf Plastic + Consistency: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score
1 Kastaplast 3.44/4
2 MVP 3.33/4
3 Latitude 64° 3.26/4
4 Discraft 3.24/4
5 Discmania 3.08/4

When you combine the average scores for plastic quality and mold consistency, a brand pops up that we didn't see in the previous two tables: Discmania. In June of 2021, the company announced it would switch from its discs being manufactured by Innova to having its own production facility and using a new plastic provider.

At the time our survey went out, that change wouldn't have been felt in the market at all, so it'll be interesting to see how opinions on the brand change as more discs emerge from the new production process.

Best Disc Availability: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 Innova 3.08/4 60.79% 18.34%
2 Dynamic Discs 2.85/4 42.40% 34.15%
3 Latitude 64° 2.69/4 36.77% 34.71%
4 Prodigy 2.49/4 26.31% 45.48%
5 MVP 2.45/4 31.16% 34.53%

The pandemic has made it hard for manufacturers to keep discs in stock for two main reasons: 1) The sport saw a huge influx of players during the first year of the pandemic and 2) the pandemic caused supply issues for disc golf companies just like it did for so many other businesses.

Because of those conditions, it's worth noting which brands survey takers said they could find most reliably.

Top Three Brands in Other Categories

We asked players to rate disc golf brands in a few other areas that weren't directly related to product quality or availability. The top three brands in those categories are below.

Best Disc Golf Brand Customer Service
Brand Average Score
Dynamic Discs 2.99/4
Latitude 64° 2.96/4
Innova & MVP

Best Disc Golf Brand Marketing/Branding
Brand Average Score
Discraft 3.07/4
Discmania 3.00/4

Best Disc Golf Brand Online Presence
Brand Average Score
Discmania & Discraft 2.96/4
Dynamic Discs & Innova 2.92/4

Best Disc Golf Brand Pro Team
Brand Average Score
Discraft 3.62/4
Innova 3.46/4
Discmania 3.37/4

Go with What You Like

If you're a newer disc golfer looking for guidance as to what discs to buy, we hope the survey results above provide some good starting points.

Another great way to learn which discs might suit you best is to visit a local disc golf store should you be lucky enough to have one nearby. You can find out using UDisc Stores, an international directory of disc golf shops.

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