Best Disc Golf Disc Brands According To Everyday Players: 2022

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May 4, 2022 • 5 min read
Note: We encourage you to read the latest "Best Disc Golf Disc Brands According To Everyday Players" as it's based on more recent survey results than the information here. It also includes analysis and information about the results and brands mentioned.

Thanks to a survey that let disc golfers with the UDisc disc golf app share their opinions on a variety of disc golf topics, we can take a look at which disc golf disc brands players like and trust most. Here you can find out how thousands of disc golfers rated the plastic quality, mold consistency, and availability of brands along with other related topics.

How Did the Survey Work?

We asked survey takers to rate popular disc brands in a few areas on a scale of 0 to 4:

  • 0: Poor
  • 1: Below average
  • 2: Average
  • 3: Above average
  • 4: Excellent

Participants could also opt for "No Opinion" or simply skip the question.

In sections below, you'll see which brands ended up in the top five of different categories ranked by average score ("no opinion" answers weren't considered in the averages in any way). We've also included the percentages of people who gave the brands either a 3 or 4 in the category as well as those who offered no opinion so you'll have a bit more context about the overall average.

Note that though this survey was available to anyone with the UDisc app, the people who spent their free time completing it were, unsurprisingly, more into the sport than most. We know that because most of the participants had far above the average number of rounds logged in UDisc. That means the results you'll see below are based on the opinions of people who spend more time with discs in their hands than the typical player.

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Best Disc Golf Plastic: Top 5 Brands in 2022

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating %
No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 Kastaplast 3.59/4 60.68% 33.16%
2 MVP 3.35/4 60.01% 28.85%
3 Latitude 64° 3.32/4 58.58% 29.31%
4 Discraft 3.3/4 65.50% 22.09%
5 Innova 3.29/4 70.02% 14.50%

Best Mold Consistency in Disc Golf: Top 5 Brands in 2022

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 MVP 3.3/4 54.33% 35.13%
2 Kastaplast 3.29/4 47.11% 42.38%
3 Latitude 64° 3.21/4 52.96% 34.48%
4 Discraft 3.19/4 57.05% 28.52%
5 Westside 3.01/4 39.07% 43.91%

Best Disc Golf Plastic + Consistency: Top 5 Brands in 2022

Brand Average Score
1 Kastaplast 3.44/4
2 MVP 3.33/4
3 Latitude 64° 3.26/4
4 Discraft 3.24/4
5 Discmania 3.08/4

Best Disc Availability: Top 5 Brands in 2022

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer
1 Innova 3.08/4 60.79% 18.34%
2 Dynamic Discs 2.85/4 42.40% 34.15%
3 Latitude 64° 2.69/4 36.77% 34.71%
4 Prodigy 2.49/4 26.31% 45.48%
5 MVP 2.45/4 31.16% 34.53%

Top Three Brands in Other Categories in 2022

We asked players to rate disc golf brands in a few other areas that weren't directly related to product quality or availability. The top three brands in those categories are below.

Best Disc Golf Brand Customer Service
Brand Average Score
Dynamic Discs 2.99/4
Latitude 64° 2.96/4
Innova & MVP

Best Disc Golf Brand Marketing/Branding
Brand Average Score
Discraft 3.07/4
Discmania 3.00/4

Best Disc Golf Brand Online Presence
Brand Average Score
Discmania & Discraft 2.96/4
Dynamic Discs & Innova 2.92/4

Best Disc Golf Brand Pro Team
Brand Average Score
Discraft 3.62/4
Innova 3.46/4
Discmania 3.37/4

Go with What You Like

If you're a newer disc golfer looking for guidance as to what discs to buy, we hope the survey results above provide some good starting points.

Another great way to learn which discs might suit you best is to visit a local disc golf store should you be lucky enough to have one nearby. You can find out using UDisc Stores, an international directory of disc golf shops.

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