Best Disc Golf Disc Brands According To Everyday Players

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For two years now we've offered disc golfers the chance to share their thoughts in a survey in the UDisc disc golf app. Both times, a section of the survey asked for feedback about disc golf disc brands.

UDisc is the most popular app in the sport for scoring, finding disc golf courses, and more, and over 10,000 players from across the world elected to participate in our last survey back in October 2022. 

Here you can find out which widely-available disc brands those disc golfers most liked and trusted in these categories (click or tap to jump to category results):

How Did the Survey Work?

We asked survey takers to rate popular disc brands in a few areas on a scale of 0 to 4:

  • 0: Poor
  • 1: Below average
  • 2: Average
  • 3: Above average
  • 4: Excellent

Participants could also opt for "No Opinion" or simply skip the question.

In sections below, you'll see which brands ended up in the top five of different categories ranked by average score ("no opinion" answers weren't considered in the averages in any way). We've also included the percentages of people who gave the brands either a 3 or 4 in the category as well as those who offered no opinion so you'll have a bit more context about the overall average.

Note that though this survey was available to anyone with the UDisc app, the people who spent their free time completing it were, unsurprisingly, more into the sport than most. We know that because most of the participants had far above the average number of rounds logged in UDisc. That means the results you'll see below are based on the opinions of people who spend more time with discs in their hands than the typical player.

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Best Disc Golf Plastic: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating %
No Opinion/Didn't Answer
Y2Y Rank Change
1 Kastaplast 3.61/4 65.45%  28.68% Same
2 Latitude 64° 3.46/4 66.62% 24.85% ▲1
3 MVP 3.42/4 64.74% 25.34% ▼1
4 Discraft 3.29/4 65.62% 20.74% Same
5 Discmania 3.29/4 58.54% 29.19% ▲1

Kastaplast has come out on top of the "best disc golf plastic" category in our survey for two years in a row. It's a Swedish company that might be a bit too popular to call "cult" nowadays (though there's absolutely a cult around their putt and approach disc the Berg), and it made a name for itself first in Europe and then North America by producing plastics that disc golfers just love. Fellow Swedish brand Latitude 64° became a co-owner of Kastaplast in 2022, but these survey results suggest that hasn't changed how disc golfers feel about the products. Year-to-year, about 4% more of respondents expressed an opinion about Kastaplast's plastic in our latest survey, and the company's average score changed by a whopping 0.02% (in the positive direction).

The continued quality despite the changed ownership arrangement isn't surprising considering Kastaplast's new partner came in at #2 in the results.

Latitude took that second spot from MVP, who moved down a spot to third this year. MVP Disc Sports is a champion of overmolds, which are rims of dense plastic chemically bonded to the rest of the disc that MVP says enhance their discs' gyroscopic properties. Learn more about the process in this look at MVP's interesting origins.

One of the oldest and biggest disc golf disc manufacturers, Discraft, retained its spot at #4.

Finland's Discmania is the only new face in the top five this year. It took over the #5 spot disc golf giant Innova occupied last year. It seems people are liking the Finnish company's new Italian plastics.

We do want to hightlight that Innova had the highest percentage of Excellent and Above Average ratings of any brand included in this year's survey. A combined 68.81% of survey respondents awarded the brand's plastics 3s or 4s. It barely missed making this year's top five mostly due to a relatively high number of "Average" ratings. Our best guess here is that Innova has been around so long and is so ubiquitous in disc golf (just see how it completely owns the "availability" category) that it's likely many players have Innova in mind when they consider what "average" quality means – making it hard for the company to crest that rating with some disc golfers.

Overall, we doubt newer players will be disappointed with plastics from any brand mentioned in this section.

Best Mold Consistency in Disc Golf: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer Y2Y Rank Change
1 MVP 3.37/4 60.12% 30.07% Same
2 Latitude 64° 3.34/4 59.93% 30.25% ▲1
3 Kastaplast 3.27/4 50.50% 38.02% ▼1
4 Discraft 3.16/4 57.92% 26.16% Same
5 Westside 3.08/4 45.62% 38.53% Same

When disc golfers talk about "consistency" from a manufacturer, they're referring to how much they can rely on new discs of the same mold in the same plastic and weight (how heavy a disc is affects its stability) to fly the same way. This is important when players lose discs or when discs beat in and their flight patterns alter (frequently used discs tend to get more understable over time).

For example, let's take a disc from the brand with the top average score in consistency from our survey results, MVP. The company has a putter called the Ion that they produce in a variety of plastics. Let's say you buy a 170 gram Ion in MVP's recycled plastic line, R2, and it flies just as MVP says it should: fairly straight with a little bit of fade at the end. You love your 170 gram MVP Ion in R2 plastic, but one day you lose it. Obviously, you want to be able to buy another 170 gram MVP Ion in R2 plastic that flies just like your old one did.

And, given MVP's high marks for consistency in our survey, you're fairly likely to get your wish.

Still, there's a marked drop in the percentage of top ratings in this category, which indicates how difficult it is to get hot plastic to set in the exact same way every single time you put it in a mold.

All the brands in this year's top five were also there last year. The only rank change came from Latitude switching places with Kastaplast. Latitude, which also purchased popular U.S.-based brand Dynamic Discs in 2023, owns or co-owns three of this category's top five (Kastaplast, Westside, and itself).

Best Disc Golf Plastic + Consistency: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Y2Y Rank Change
1 Kastaplast 3.44/4 Same
2 Latitude 64° 3.40/4 ▲1
3 MVP 3.39/4 ▼1
4 Discraft 3.23/4 Same
5 Discmania 3.16/4 Same

The thing you'll most want from a brand isn't just great plastic or mold consistency but a mixture of the two, so we took a look at which brands came out on top when their scores in these areas were averaged out.

You'll find no names that weren't in previous tables, but you'll notice that Discmania's advantage in plastic quality helped it make this top five over Westside (which ranked sixth here) despite its higher consistency ratings.

Best Disc Availability: Top 5 Brands

Brand Average Score Excellent & Above Average Rating % No Opinion/Didn't Answer Y2Y Rank Change
1 Innova 3.29/4 67.88% 17.30% Same
2 Dynamic Discs 3.07/4 50.40% 31.50% Same
3 Latitude 64° 2.96/4 48.21% 30.30% Same
4 MVP 2.90/4 44.93% 31.79% ▲1
5 Discraft 2.76/4 45.97% 25.35% ▲1

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a mixture of unprecedentedly high demand for disc golf discs and supply chain issues made availability a huge factor for disc golfers. Things have normalized in the market, but it's still worth knowing which brands are best at meeting the demand for their discs. No matter how much you love and trust a brand's discs, you can't throw them if you can't find them.

Ranks 1-3 remained the same year-to-year while MVP moved from fifth to fourth. In fifth place, Discraft is new to this category's top five.

Top Three Disc Golf Disc Brands in Other Categories

We asked players to rate disc golf brands in a few other areas that weren't directly related to product quality or availability. The top three brands in those categories are below.

Best Disc Golf Brand Customer Service
Rank Brand Average Score
1 Latitude 64° 3.16/4
2 Dynamic Discs 3.12/4
3 MVP 2.97/4
Best Disc Golf Brand Marketing/Branding
Rank Brand Average Score
1 Discraft 3.15/4
2 Discmania 3.14/4
3 Latitude 64° 3.12/4
Best Disc Golf Brand Online Presence
Rank Brand Average Score
Latitude 64° 3.16/4
2 Discraft 3.10/4
3 Discmania 3.08/4
Best Disc Golf Brand Pro Team
Rank Brand Average Score
1 Discraft 3.66/4
2 Discmania 3.49/4
3 Latitude 64° 3.14/4

Go with What You Like

If you're a newer disc golfer looking for guidance as to what discs to buy, we hope the survey results above provide some good starting points.

Another great way to learn which discs might suit you best is to visit a local disc golf store should you be lucky enough to have one nearby. You can find out using UDisc Stores, an international directory of disc golf shops.

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