Disc Golf Tournament Profiles: 2023 Dynamic Discs Open

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The 2023 Dynamic Discs Open disc golf tournament (DDO) was from Friday, June 16 to Sunday, June 18. The tournament was a Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Event in the United States' top small town for disc golf.

All three rounds of the DDO were played at Emporia Country Club. No layout at Jones Park was used in 2023.

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An orange disc golf putter sails toward a basket as a crowd watches on behind
Large groups of spectators and plenty of media coverage have been hallmarks of Emporia's biggest tournament for years. Photo: PDGA

How to Watch the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament: Live

You can watch archived live coverage of the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open disc golf tournament on the Disc Golf Network (DGN) with a paid subscription.

The first round is available on DGPT's YouTube channel at no cost.

How to Watch the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament for Free

You can watch the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open disc golf tournament for free via JomezPro (FPO and MPO lead cards), Gatekeeper Media (MPO chase cards), and Ace Run Pro (FPO chase cards). All offer condensed, post-produced rounds on their YouTube channels.

Tee Times, Scores, & Stats for the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament

You can find shot-by-shot scores and in-depth stats for every round of the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open disc golf tournament on UDisc Live for MPO and FPO.

2023 Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament Win Probabilities

Prior to the start of the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open disc golf tournament, these are the players UDisc Live's pro disc golf Win Probability model gave at least a 2% chance to win in MPO and FPO:

On mobile, swipe left/right to see all columns.

These percentages were created prior to the start of the event and changed dramatically as it played out. To see how, check out Win Probability on UDisc Live.

Note that Win Probability doesn't always match up with Disc Golf World Ranking because Win Probability takes into account how players have historically performed on holes of specific distances and difficulties and compares that information just to holes they'll face at a single event. That means the probabilities above related to how players' historical performances suggest they'll do just at the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open whereas World Ranking is a broader assessment of past performance.

Who Won the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament?

Parker Welck (MPO, 31-under par) and Hailey King (FPO, 19-under par) won the 2023 Dynamic Discs Open.

Previous Winners of the Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament*

  • 2023: Parker Welck (MPO), Hailey King (FPO)
  • 2022: Ricky Wysocki (MPO), Kristin Tattar (FPO)
  • 2021: Paul McBeth (MPO), Hailey King (FPO)
  • 2020: Cancelled
  • 2019:  Paul McBeth (MPO), Catrina Allen (FPO)
  • 2018: Eagle McMahon (MPO), Paige Pierce (FPO)

*All winners of Dynamic Discs Opens and Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open scored with UDisc Live

Dynamic Discs Open Disc Golf Tournament History

Emporia locals Eric McCabe and Gabe Werly created the DDO's predecessor, the Glass Blown Open, in 2003, but Dynamic Discs took over its organization with the pair's blessings early on. Notably, McCabe was the 2010 Pro Disc Golf World Champion and is currently the team manager and a course designer for Dynamic Discs.

Photo of a coffee shop interest with large glass windows, one of which has a disc golf basket drawn on it
An Emporia coffee shop with a disc golf basket drawn in the window for the 2019 event. Photo: PDGA

The "Glass Blown Open" (GBO) portion of the name remained a staple of the event until 2020 when the unusual circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic generated – such as a huge number of people discovering disc golf while seeking safe outdoor recreation – inspired the tournament staff to give the event a more disc golf-specific name.

"We thought a title for the event that was more recognizable as an actual disc golf brand would be better than 'Glass Blown Open,'" Doug Bjerkaas, former head of Events, HR, and Community Outreach at Dynamic Discs, told us (he recently left DD for a role at the Professional Disc Golf Association). "With so many new players coming into the sport, there wouldn't be as much of a connection to the sport of disc golf and to us at Dynamic Discs with a name like 'Glass Blown.'"

When the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) approached Dynamic Discs with the opportunity to be the first Elite event of the tour following the COVID pause, they took that chance to rebrand the event as the Dynamic Discs Open. The timing made sense after the Glass Blown Open had been cancelled along with the rest of the Professional Disc Golf Association's now-defunct National Tour.

For some time, this Emporia event was the world's largest disc golf tournament, attracting over 1,000 participants at some iterations. But as the sport's pro side grew, it became necessary to separate when the amateurs pros descended on the town. That separation reduced the event's size but not the warmness of the town's welcome to disc golfers.

A disc golf basket in a green park area in fron of a pond
One of the holes at Peter Pan Park, which hosted top players at former iterations of Emporia's big event. Today, Peter Pan is no longer in rotation for the big guns. Photo uploaded to UDisc Courses by outlawamw

As a city, Emporia has embraced disc golf to the point of calling itself "Disc Golf Disneyland." In other places a pro disc golfer can walk into the mall or go to a local restaurant and the people around them won't have a clue who they are or why they're there. In Emporia, it's the complete opposite. The town waits all year for this tournament and can't wait to see their favorite disc golfers.

Though its population is relatively modest, Emporia is large enough to have sufficient amenities, hotels, and restaurants to handle the influx of people a tournament of this magnitude brings. But it's also small enough that the economic impact of those visitors is widely felt and appreciated. 

The team behind the DDO has never been afraid to take feedback and go back to the drawing board. For example, the 2022 DDO was played on a layout in the public Jones Park that received criticism for its ease, and when Emporia hosted the 2022 World Championships later that year, the layout had already been changed greatly. In 2023, Jones Park was completely out in favor of allowing pros to focus their energies on one course, Emporia Country Club.

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