Top 10 Disc Golf Cities — USA: So Far

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Dec 10, 2018 • 2 min read

Update: From December 6-December 17, 2021, we're revealing an updated list of the United States' best disc golf cities. Check out "Top Disc Golf Cities – USA: 2021."

Courses in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Charlotte, NC; Ann Arbor, MI; Denver, CO; Allentown, PA; Kansas City, KS/MO; Cincinnati, OH; Portland, OR; and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Credits (respectively): Dan Reynoso, Cam Odom, Terry Calhoun, Matt Krueger, Kevin Laboski, Rob Haney, The Nati Disc Golf, Glenn Carman, and Chris Kortz

For those just catching up with UDisc's countdown of the USA's best disc golf cities, here are the places we've visited up to now:

#10: Dallas/Forth Worth

#9: Portland, Oregon

#8: Cincinnati, Ohio

#7: Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri

#6: Allentown, Pennsylvania

#5: Denver, Colorado

#4: Ann Arbor, Michigan

#3: Charlotte, North Carolina

#2: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Click on each city to learn more about the very special disc golf scene in each one.

Keep in mind that this list was not compiled based on any preferences of the UDisc staff or an outside panel of judges (unless you count thousands of user course ratings). Top 10 Disc Golf Cities—USA was created based on the most objective data available to us to identify the areas with the best mixtures of quality and quantity of disc golf options in the country. The first section of each entry in the list explains more about the process. Happy reading! 

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